How 7 Chakras Harm The Mind And The Body When They Lie Closed In Their Respective Locations

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2017)

7 Chakras

Misconceptions about 7 Chakras:

There is a misconception about 7 chakras of their being the centers of energy at their locations in the body doing rounds on the Internet, which is not true.

7 Chakras are not the centers of energy; they are rather the suckers of it affecting human health on the planet in the most negative way. They suck energy by offering resistance to the uninhibited flow of kundalini in its route from the root chakra where it enters the body to move up to the crown chakra where it leaves the body to enter it through the root chakra again.

It is something like electricity flowing continuously from the source to the appliance and then back to the source again in order to make the next round indefinitely. But if the circuit is broken somewhere on its way, it stops flowing through it.

The Flow of Kundalini:

Same is the case with the cosmic energy responsible to keep life running energetically, which gets blocked if it passes through any one of the 7 chakras that is closed and starts revolving there in circles rather than flowing linearly to the location of the next chakra. That’s why these locations are called chakras meaning circles in English.

Even a closed chakra cannot fully block the flow of kundalini and a certain amount of it leaks up to carry on its journey to the location of the next chakra although its energy is seriously reduced in the process. Hence the person concerned is left with less of life energy at his/her disposal. If kundalini totally stops making rounds of the body, the person simply goes dead.

Awakening Kundalini Vs Strengthening Kundalini:

So, when people talk of awakening kundalini, they think they are opening up a new flow of energy in the body. That’s not true. Kundalini is always flowing through the body. The only problem with its flow is that it seriously gets weakened owing to the closed chakras on its way.

We need to strengthen it again for which we need to open how-so-many of these 7 chakras are there lying closed in their locations.

Closed Chakras Vs Open Chakras:

What is exactly meant by chakras being closed or else open?

People have shrouded this topic in obscurity and mystery making it an esoteric discipline simply to hide their ignorance about it as well as to make it financially profitable to them.

The fact is that a closed chakra simply means a rigidified group of muscles surrounding a group of internal organs working physiologically in connection with one another. As the rigidified muscles exert a constant pressure on them, they are no more able to carry on their physiological tasks with their full efficiency.

That’s what the reason of energy getting obstructed at those points is by going around in circles in order to make an attempt to resolve the physiological issues going on in the area.

The energy flow gets hampered resulting in turning the person much less energetic than one can ideally be.

The next question that arises is why after all these groups of muscles go rigidified in the first instance.

Stress in Mind Vs Stress in Body:

It all starts with stress in the mind perceiving a danger from some corner to any of its concerns.

Why do some people have more stress whereas some others have much less of it with another few not having it at all?

Stressors posing as dangers to the minds’ concerns are more or less same for everyone given that they all are living under the similar socio-economic conditions.

It all deals with the psychology of mind giving birth to all the concerns it has.

Stress doesn’t lie with the outside stressors; it rather lies with the concerns of the mind that feel threatened by this problem or that.

Psychology Vs Physiology:

When one feels threatened, one tends to go defensive not only in the mind but also in the body in order to face the onslaught of the threat.

Certain groups of muscles contract themselves in order to defend the body and certain other groups of muscles get contracted in order to attack if need be.

Since the stressors are perennial exactly as the concerns of the mind are, the muscles keep continuing their contracted stances indefinitely.

With the passage of time these muscles get fixated in their contracted stances resulting in sets of rigidified muscle groups all along the body.

Rigidified Mauscle Groups Affecting Body Posture:

It affects the body posture in a way that turns it in and drops it down in the areas where these 7 chakras are located. The body assumes a posture that is a dropped-down and turned-in posture rather than a risen-up and turned-out posture that it naturally is designed to be.

It further affects the physiology of the body resulting in various lifestyle diseases in the long run.

What’s the way out to open all these 7 chakras in one single go in order to do away with all these lifestyle diseases and embrace health in general?

I will be dealing with the processes of opening 7 chakras in my next posts in this category to come.

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