Chakra Healing Streamlines The Flow Of The Cosmic Energy AKA Kundalini Through The Body

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2017)

Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing – A Holistic Healing Process:

Chakra healing is a holistic healing process that has a real great promise in its store to offer for the sake of the entire human health on the planet.

I know it’s a big claim but chakra healing is no small modality too! It’s a modality that was framed and perfected in the ancient Indian healing procedures. In fact it’s not just a procedure; it’s a total philosophy of life that uses no intellectual theories to propound itself. The very process establishes and explains it all.

Yoga-Tantra Feud:

Many people confuse it as a part of or as a co-process of yoga which it is not. It’s a totally independent modality to stand by itself on its own alone. In fact it had never been an organic part of yogic system at all. It was originally a procedure used by the tantric system which was violently suppressed by the established yogic system around two thousand years ago. Later the yogic system borrowed it from the then inactive tantric system and modified it to suit their worldview.

Chakras Adopted by Yogic System:

In the feud between the two systems, the elaborate details of the chakra healing process somehow got lost in the oblivion. What remained intact were the introductory symbols used to initiate the practitioner on the path of an otherwise elaborate procedure that would do the needful to heal the body and the mind.

In the absence of the elaborate procedural details, the introductory symbols got highlighted and made the main course of chakra healing modality in the hands of the yogic system. It also added a few postures named mudras which the tantric system had never used to facilitate opening chakras to actuate chakra healing. It made chakra healing a real tedious process to practice. But then the two of them had entirely two opposite worldviews as well!

Chakra Symbols:

Today the situation is that there are rare people who have any real insight into the system of chakras and the process to open them in a proper scientific way. Majority of the so-called chakra specialists keep beating about the bush with the introductory sticks of symbols in their hands and hope that this alone would enable them to open chakras activating the chakra healing process.

Some of these introductory symbols are named like chakra symbols, chakra colors, chakra sounds, chakra crystals, chakra stones, chakra music, chakra candles, chakra chart, chakra art, chakra mantras, chakra images, chakra tones, chakra gates, chakra pictures and chakra breathing.

New Unauthentic Interpretations:

The real information got lost somewhere during those early days of suppression behind the multiplicity of so many symbolic representations and then people started interpreting symbols alone as the only information that this miraculous discipline of chakra healing ever had. And the funny part was that everyone dealing with these symbols would interpret them as per one’s own imaginary whims. Since the discipline had gone esoteric by now, everyone claiming to be the master of one’s own interpretation had one’s day since there was no authentic source left to verify the same.

Kundalini – The Cosmic Energy:

The same happened with the connected discipline of kundalini, the cosmic energy that was said to constantly keep flowing through the body with its chakras open which was otherwise blocked as the chakras lay closed. It was presumed that once chakra healing was able to open all the chakras, kundalini would automatically get awakened and starts flowing through the body unobstructed without any blockage in its path.

Chakra Interpretations Turned Esoteric:

In the absence of the original authentic process that got lost, people started making mysteriously esoteric procedures claiming them to be opening chakras, awakening kundalini and activating chakra healing. Since people are generally driven by faith and not by scientific verification, they accepted whatever was offered to them and imagined they had successfully undergone the healing procedure.

Placebo Effect:

Now, healing as perceived by the masses is a very vague term. A little arbitrary improvement in one’s condition is sufficient to confirm one’s faith in the procedure one is undergoing. And when faith is already there, it does act as a placebo to virtually imagine getting that little arbitrary improvement in reality. Such placebos even work in the mainstream medicine as well.

My Role:

You would ask me how I know what all I am telling about chakra healing here!

Well, I know because I have a firsthand experience of opening my own chakras although I did it accidentally in the beginning and then perfecting the procedure after a long strenuous research in the field in which no authentic literature was available.

This article is the first of a series of articles that I have started writing about chakras and will be posting here as my further blog posts in the same space on the subject of chakra healing in the days to come.

I will be explaining my entire journey into opening chakras and developing the modality as a reliable promise to take care of the human health on the planet.

Continue reading my future posts here!

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