Energy Healing Does Not Employ Energy Of The Healer But Dormant Energy Of The Subject To Heal

(Last Updated On: August 23, 2017)

Energy Healing

Energy Healing:

Energy healing is a practice based on the assertion that a healer can channelize healing energy into a patient through touch, without touch or even in absentia.

Which energy is this and where does it come from? What is the source of this energy? And how does it concern human health?

Unfortunately none of the energy healing therapies including Therapeutic touch, Healing Touch, Esoteric healing, Qigong healing, Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, distant healing, intercessory prayer, and similar other disciplines clearly explain the form and the source of this healing energy. Qi (Chi), Prana, Innate Intelligence, Mana, Pneuma, Vital fluid, Odic force, and Orgone are among the many terms that have been used to describe these putative energy fields.

Let’s Talk Everyday Language:

In fact we should look at it from a rather unassuming angle. We should talk of energy as the simple life energy that instills life in an individual.

Certainly life is instilled with a non-physical energy; and that’s why and how it can move itself as well as move other things it applies force on.

How does this life energy work in keeping a person alive?

As far as we know about energy, it cannot stay still at one single place. It does need to keep moving like all other physical forms of energy including light, heat, sound, electricity and other forms of electromagnetic energy.

Energy in Motion:

How can life energy keep moving in a living creature?

It simply does so by flowing through the body entering it at the location of the root chakra and then flowing through the spine up to the head to exit out of it at the location of the crown chakra, only to enter it at the location of the root chakra again.

Thus it forms a complete cycle like any other physical energy does.

The Chakra Discipline:

In the chakra discipline, this non-physical energy has been named as Kundalini, which in its major essence keeps lying dormant at the base of the root chakra.

Now, lying majorly dormant doesn’t mean it has completely stopped its flow through the body. It’s simply that the amount of energy flowing through the body has been majorly blocked owing to the resistance offered by the closed chakras along its length up to the head.

Still a partial amount of it does keep trickling through its scheduled path and a weak energy cycle keeps rotating in order to keep the person alive.

Energetic Vs Less Energetic Personalities:

That’s how and why different people appear to be having different amounts of life-energy in their personalities. We often come across more energetic as well as less energetic people for no obvious reason to explain the amount of energy they express in their personalities.

It all depends on the state of their chakras as to how much or how little they are open or else closed, a closed chakra simply representing a rigidified muscle-group in the area around the location of a specific chakra in the body.

Energy Heals:

If the body is ever able to relax its muscle-groups in various different chakra locations to any extent, it certainly results in increased life energy in the organism; and as it happens so, a certain amount of healing to a certain extent automatically takes place in the said organism.

That’s what energy healing does. It simply manipulates the said muscle-groups in a way that they loosen up their rigidities to allow a more voluminous flow of Kundalini energy through the spine up to the head to exit in order to enter the root chakra again.

Energy healing can do so via manipulation through touch or else via suggestion without touch or even in absentia.

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