Honesty Is Not Always The Best Policy But Dishonesty Is Always The Best Way To Spoil Good Health!

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Good Health

Good Health:

Consider yourself lucky if you are possessing good health right now. But you are in all the chances of spoiling it if you have opted for following the dishonest ways to get any other kinds of benefits in your life.

I am not a doomsayer, nor am I a moralist who wants to tell you that honesty is the best policy. Heck, honesty is not even a policy what to say of it being the best!

Honesty vs Dishonesty:

Honesty is not even an independently basic concept at all. If our mind had not been corrupted by nailing morals into it since our early childhood, we wouldn’t even have an inkling of it. It would have been as foreign a language to us as gibberish. The same would have been true of dishonesty as well.

But if either of the two ever enters the ways of our actions in life, it is dishonesty. It is so because honesty does not have any conceptual existence in our mind until and unless dishonesty does. In the absence of dishonesty, the mind fails to understand the very concept of honesty at all.

Beyond Honesty and Dishonesty:

An uncorrupted mind simply follows its instinctive drives and these drives are way beyond being honest or dishonest. They are neither honest nor dishonest. They just are!

It’s only if and when any of these instinctive drives gets suppressed or is left unsatiated that the mind decides to get it through unnatural means like violence, stealth or cheating.

The Birth of Dishonesty:

Some of these unnatural means were categorized as dishonest as the formation of society started suppressing these drives. Stealth and cheating fell under this category although violence didn’t. Violence was rather upheld as bravery, boldness or chivalries as an antithesis of fear.

The Birth of Honesty:

Once dishonesty got categorized, the society needed an opposite of it in order to present as a desirable moral to be nailed into the minds of the suppressed masses. Although honesty was a derivative of dishonesty, the two were named in a way that the derivative seemed to be the original and the original seemed to be a derivative.

And then the society had a cheek to call it a policy!

Good Health Accepts No Corruption:

You can corrupt understanding, you can corrupt intentions, you can corrupt minds, you can corrupt almost everything on earth; but you cannot corrupt the laws that health follows.

Corrupting health is beyond the scope of corruption.

At least we are left with one incorruptible entity in life that otherwise seems to be infected by the virus of corruption all over!

And the best thing is that this entity is the most important entity in life.

Dishonesty Spoils Good Health:

If we turn dishonest for whatever reason, it instantaneously reflects on the state of our health right then and there.

If you don’t believe it, here is what Dr. William H. Bates, an ophthalmologist, discovered through his research:

His research work showed that the refractive error was greatly influenced by emotions. For instance, it was much larger when the subject was lying. Basically any emotional state greatly affected the eyesight. Even when looking at a foreign object such as printed material in a foreign language his subjects always showed a refractive error. In layman terms, this means that there was a temporary blur even when people had perfect eyesight.

Dr. Bates concluded what is now confirmed by neuroscientific research: Emotions and mental strain translate into body tension. And for a lot of people this body tension manifest as eye strain which in turn creates vision problems. Relaxation of the mind on the other hand, improves the eyesight. Traditional medicine is still not accepting this fact, and treats eyesight challenges as if the eyes were a separate entity from our brains and bodies.

Courtesy: http://batesvision.com/bates-method/

Eyes are not the only organ that instantaneously get affected by dishonesty of lying or any such action or else even intention; the heart, the lungs and the digestive system are equally instantaneously affected by any such dishonest maneuver. The more the maneuvers, the more the effect and the more its permanence that takes it to a point of almost no return.

Honesty Spoils Good Health Worse:

Following honesty as a policy is not going to undo these negative effects on health, it’s rather going to aggravate them further since doing a right action with a moral objective in mind, i.e., doing it because it is good and it is moral is a sign of a more corrupted mind than a mind that just does something bad or immoral.

A morally corrupted mind is more dangerous than an immorally corrupted mind!

It’s simply so because you cannot be moral unless you have already been immoral before.

Honesty as a moral concept to be followed is a bigger stress on mind than immorality is.

Good Health to Minds Beyond Honesty or Dishonesty:

Health simply requires your mind to be beyond both, honesty as well as dishonesty.

Let’s be happy that we discovered at least one thing that we can always have at our behest without its ever getting corrupted in the hands of our unjust society that has already corrupted everything it could.

And let’s be happier that this one incorruptible thing called human health is the most important thing in our life!

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