Holistic Healing Has The Potential To Become The Ultimate Solution Of Deteriorating Human Health

(Last Updated On: May 3, 2017)

Holistic Healing

Holistic Healing Vs Modern Pharmaceutical Medicine:

Holistic healing is a philosophical approach to healing which stands 180 degree opposite to the approach of modern pharmaceutical medicine as far as taking care of human health is concerned.

Pharmaceutical medicine is a big business with its size being over one trillion U.S. dollars per year. It’s very natural that this business will not let its hold go loose in case an alternative approach starts holding roots in the mindset of the masses.

Scientific Validity:

It does so by challenging the scientific validity of any such approach. Its main assertion is that any such procedures haven’t undergone strict laboratory testing methods to come up with convincing statistical data establishing their efficacy.

But in doing so, it ignores the most basic philosophy of healing which asserts that healing is supposed to do away with the basic root cause of a health problem rather than doing away with the symptoms of the problem alone.

If only the symptoms are done away with, the problem tends to relapse which almost everyone is quite familiar with at one’s experiential level. That’s why the modern medicinal approach calls their procedures as treatment and not cure.

Treatment Vs Cure:

Healing as a concept addresses curing an illness permanently as opposed to treating it temporarily for the time being.

Treating symptoms temporarily can be a much swifter process than curing the root cause permanently. This is the reason why the modern pharmaceutical medicine has established its acceptance among the masses. In the age of fast food, people look for fast medicine as well, no matter if it spoils the health further in the long run.

Treating Symptoms Alone Spoil Health:

How does treating symptoms alone spoil health further in the long run?

There are two reasons for it.

  • First, as the symptoms temporarily disappear the patients psychologically feel that the problem has fully and finally been taken care of and revert to their old lifestyles that had caused the problem in the very first place. As a result the problem relapses after sometime turning them weaker and weaker every time it does.
  • Second, since the symptoms cannot be naturally removed without removing the causative factors, what actually the pharmaceutical medicine does is that it suppresses the symptoms artificially by sending an army of antibodies from outside rather than strengthening the antibodies that the immune system generates within. The immune system is just not given enough time and chance to fight with the illness causing bacteria and viruses.

As a result, in the long run, it gets conditioned not to be able to generate them efficiently anymore. It ends up in a reduced immunity in the mind body system after every episode of gulping a handful of the modern pharmaceutical medicine.

Every new relapse of the same condition proves to be more serious than the former one turning even the treatment much more complicated.

Health deteriorates further!

Lifestyle Diseases:

Then, apart from normal acute diseases, there are more permanent lifestyle diseases too which unfortunately the modern pharmaceutical medicine doesn’t have even a treatment for. In such cases; like in migraines, diabetes, hypothyroid, hyperthyroid, high blood pressure, heart conditions, acidity, constipation, obesity, liver damage, kidney damage, asthma, anxiety, depression and many more, it only has a few options to merely manage them somehow.

Holistic healing treats both, acute diseases and lifestyle diseases, being caused by faulty lifestyles.

The only permanent way to cure them for once and forever is to change the lifestyle that has been responsible for causing them in the very first place.

Holistic healing has quite a few ways up its sleeves to address the causative factors in an effective manner.

Stringent Laboratory Testing:

Now let’s come to the objection raised by the mainstream pharmaceutical medicine against the ways of holistic healing in that they have not undergone stringent laboratory testing methods to come up with convincing statistical data establishing their efficacy.

As has been stated before, treating symptoms temporarily can be a much swifter process than curing the root cause permanently. Now in order to carry out monitored tests on a sample of ill subjects, holistic healing procedures not only require a much longer duration of time but also much larger sums of money.

Pharmaceutical medicine requires much shorter spans of time to carry out such monitored tests on a sample of patients readily available because it anyway has them because of its popularity along with shorter commitments of time on their behalf.

Role of Money:

As far as large sums of money are required in carrying out such monitored tests on samples of patients, pharmaceutical medicine has no dearth of it which it has earned by selling popular medicine in place of the right one. It’s something like pop music and popular movies selling way more than classical or fast food selling lot more than healthy nutritious diet.

Both these factors, the time and the money, go against holistic healing procedures to be effectively able to carry out such monitored tests on large enough samples of patients for a long enough time to show better statistical results in a scientifically convincing manner.

It’s very much like the rich becoming richer even if corrupt and inefficient and the poor becoming poorer even if virtuous and effective.

Paradigm Shift in Culture:

In order for holistic healing to become mainstream healing (except for emergency conditions where fast medicine does have a genuine temporary role to play), we need to bring a paradigm shift in our culture which at present favors fast life, fast movies, fast music, fast sex, fast food and fast medicine over their slower and much healthier counterparts.

If it ever happens so, holistic healing has the true potential to become the ultimate solution of deteriorating human health on the planet.

In the next posts to come, I will be explaining various different procedures employed by the discipline of holistic healing in order to heal the illness at the very core of it where it started afflicting the mind body system in the very beginning of it.

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