Mental Health Awareness As Secret Key To Physical Health: Mind Body Connection Works Wonders!

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Mental Health Awareness

Mental health awareness:

Mental health awareness is something people rarely know anything about. They don’t even know that mental health has a very close association with their physical health through its mind body connection.

We think if we don’t have any debilitating mental disease, our mental health is good.

Nothing can be farther from truth than this!

Mental health is not merely the absence of mental illnesses, it’s rather the well-being of mind meaning thereby mind to be at peace with itself.

We all know very well we are not at peace with our own selves. Our mind almost always keeps fighting with its own self.

What makes our mind fight with itself?

We fall prey to socio-cultural demands that our society and our culture impose on us and expect us to fulfill the same as fast as we can.

It makes our mind run and keep running until it has achieved the elusive target these socio-cultural demands have put in front of it which it is never able to do.

It keeps running round and round and never reaches anywhere.

Mental health awareness simply means knowing that mind is keeping running an endless futile race.

When mind is not at peace, how can body keep relaxed?

Following the instruction from the mind, the body also keeps its muscles contracted all the time.

Mind is the engine that runs the car of the body.

If the body keeps its musculature contracted all the time, its physiological processes get negatively affected.

These physiological processes include digestion, breathing, blood circulation, immune system maintenance, hormonal secretions, sexual drive, sensory and motor functions along with keeping the body posture loosely erect to act in a relaxed manner.

As you can very well see, almost all physical ailments are caused by any one or more of these physiological processes gone wrong in the body.

It’s our mind that does this to us.

The only permanent way out is to develop mental health awareness to an extent that it immediately senses that something wrong is going on in the mind which is making it stressed.

Developing such acute mental health awareness requires developing an equally acute sensory perception in our mind body system.

That’s what is called the mind body connection!

Heal your mind in order to heal your body.

Now the question arises how to heal the mind for it to reach its absolute potential.

Here mental health awareness comes to our rescue. We need to start sensing the infighting going on inside the mind.

As a result of falling prey to the unjust socio-cultural demands, the mind fragments itself in more than one compartments trying to pacify each one of them by trying to fulfill each one’s demands.

The Fragmented Mind:

But the unlucky part of this all is that those fragments are in contradiction with one another. Each one pulls the mind to the direction of its own fulfillment which stops the others from driving mind to take action in the directions of their demands.

They all keep stretching the mind in opposite directions ending up in a state of no action despite a huge effort exercised on mind’s part.

It’s like the engine keeping idling with the race paddle pressed hard but the car not moving in any direction ahead.

The engine gets choked.

The mind gets stressed.

We all know what stress is.

What our choked mental health awareness does is that it keeps tiring us all day long (as well as all night long!).

We keep wasting our energy turning our bodies to a state of partial paralysis.

Stress-generated Illnesses:

Our immune system along with others in the row doesn’t get renewed sufficiently and easily falls prey to even the weakest onslaught of illness carrying microbes.

The next in line stand the lifestyle diseases affecting digestion, breathing, and blood circulation along with hormonal secretions causing constipation, obesity, asthma, heart conditions, diabetes, hypothyroid/hyperthyroid, kidney and liver problems along with many more like these.

Real mental illnesses including acute anxiety, panic attacks, depression with other neurotic and psychotic conditions are the last to attack the mind body system.

Stress is the root cause of all illness on earth.

Now the main question facing human health is how to deal with stress to turn it out of mind and life for once and forever.

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