Mind Body Connection Can Heal More Diseases Than We Think By Healing Mind Body Disconnect

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection:

Mind body connection gets established when mind is able to listen to what body requires or demands and when body is able to listen to what mind requires or demands.

Why does the mind body connection get severed resulting in mind body disconnect, which is responsible to have harmed human health more than any bacteria or viruses all over the world.

It all starts with mind getting fragmented in more parts than one, all of them in disaccord with one another. The brain starts sending conflicting signals to the body muscles through nerves.

Mind Affects Muscles & Body Posture:

As a result, these muscles lose their resilience and turn stiffer, further losing the flexibility and agility in the joints. It seriously affects the body posture in a way that tends to drop all the joints down and tuck them in.

How Body Posture Affects Health:

This dropped-down and tucked-in posture makes body fall prone to all kinds of lifestyle diseases. Dropped-down shoulders keep pulling the neck down which in turn exerts a continuous pull on the skull muscles downward. As it reaches near a certain threshold, it tends to start paining at the slightest provocation by instantaneously initiating a tension headache.

It also keeps the thoracic muscle permanently contracted which affects not only breathing negatively but also the blood purification process responsible for all kinds of heart conditions.

The same happens to the digestive and the urinary processes giving rise to all kinds of excretory and kidney diseases.

Its next effect is very much visible in the body contracting all kinds of hormonal diseases including diabetes and thyroid problems.

It not only affects the lifestyle diseases but also reduces immunity resulting in body falling prey to bacterial and viral attacks more often.

Mind Body Disconnect:

The most important question that arises here is why after all we severe our mind body connection and how we do it!

As we saw before it gets done through fragmenting mind in more than one conflicting parts which make the brain start sending conflicting signals to the muscles through nerves.

Body starts losing its sensitivity to the instantaneous effects of the external stimuli attacking it.

My Personal Case Study:

I never had a headache all through my life. In fact I don’t even know how a headache feels like.

And its entire credit goes to my body sensitivity which always senses something tending to go stiff somewhere in the muscles around the skull or the neck. As it senses it tending to happen, it automatically sends a signal to mind which in turn immediately sends the relaxing signal back to the concerned part wherever it lies.

Headache never afflicts my body.

I ‘SEE’ all this happening very clearly in my body and in my mind taking place quite often and I give its entire credit to my mind body connection working efficiently in my mind body system.

My mind body connection also keeps all kinds of other lifestyle diseases away at my age of 66 at present.

Not only this, my mind body connection also keeps my immunity updated so that I don’t generally fall prey to any bacterial or viral attacks in my body.

It’s no bragging, it’s simply to tell you that I have a firsthand experience of what I am explaining to you here.

How We Fragment Our Mind:

So, the most basic question that arises here is why we allow our mind to get fragmented in the very first place.

It simply happens when we allow the moral faculty to take control of our mind from the hands of instinctive drives aided by the reasoning of objective knowledge.

Human minds are designed to work in their wholeness only when run by instinctive drives aided by the reasoning of objective knowledge.

Morals fragment them simply by trying to suppress instinctive drives and objective reasoning.

Our minds lose their sanity and our greatest savior mind body connection gets severed resulting in a serious mind body disconnect.

How To Turn Mind Whole Again:

The only way out is to question each and every moral value and belief in depth and in detail and develop an insight into their futility.

Once it happens, they simply get dropped by our mind body system one by one by one establishing mind body connection back in its place.

One by one by one…

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