Miracle Healing Anecdotes Deserve An In Depth Research To Get New Insights Into Healing

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2017)

Miracle Healing

Miracle Healing:

When I talk of miracle healing, I just don’t mean telling any fictitious or superstitious stories about it. In fact I am a non-believer as far as it concerns mythological, religious or supernatural anecdotes or any other kinds of miracles people tend to have faith in.

Then why am I talking about miracle healing?

I say so because it does exist!

Authentic Anecdotes:

I consider miracle healing to be a healing process in the field of human health that the medical science doesn’t yet know about. But if such an anecdote is authentic enough to be verified for its validity, it not only becomes our duty but also an opportunity to dig deeper into it for research purposes in order to get new insights in healing.

I won’t talk about unverified stories here, but I do need to talk about three personal incidents in my life when I experienced the effects of clear-cut miracle healing in my own body.

My First Authentic Anecdote:

The first anecdote of my miracle healing belongs to a time when I was 28 years old.

I used to go for a jog every evening running for around 5km at a stretch.

One day I don’t know why it came to my mind but I decided not to stop after I had completed 5km of my daily quota of running and continued with it indefinitely.

After a while I started getting exhausted.

I didn’t mind and continued running.

At one point of time, I felt I was exhausted to my limit beyond which I wouldn’t be able to take.

But I don’t know what mood I was in, I still didn’t mind and continued running.

I felt I was going to fall down on the ground but I still continued running.

Miracle Happens:

And then the miracle happened!

Suddenly it happened so that I felt I was not exhausted at all and could continue running till eternity.

I was feeling I was making no effort at all as my feet were rising above the ground and then touching it again to rise back like a spring.

I had never felt so fresh in my life before.

The State of Flow:

Everything had turned extremely bright in the field of my vision as I was looking around while running and enjoying every bit of it.

I don’t remember how long I kept running without a single trace of exhaustion in my body, but when I stopped I was feeling as fresh as I hadn’t ran at all and could do it as much more as I felt like.

I continued being in that state for a long while before I came back to my normal mundane reality.

Later I came to discover that what I had gone through was a known phenomenon named ‘the state of flow’ which athletes and dancers occasionally experienced going through.

Nonetheless, it certainly was an episode of miracle healing facilitated by the phenomenon named ‘the state of flow’ which certainly more research into it for a new insight into healing.

My Second Authentic Anecdote:

The second anecdote of my miracle healing belongs to 3 years later when I was 31 years old.

I had recently met with an accident which had broken my tendon joining my biceps muscle to the shoulder joint incapacitating my arm movement when I tried to lift it up.

The head of the orthopedic department in the reputed government hospital I was admitted in ‘diagnosed’ that it was broken at the elbow joint and not at the shoulder. I objected to it as I was personally feeling it was broken at the shoulder. But he wouldn’t listen to me as he thought he was an authority in the subject which I was not.

I demanded to get relieved without getting operated as per his diagnosis which he accepted after a long argument.

Surgical Operation:

I immediately went to a private orthopedic surgeon and expressed my doubt to him. He did his tests and confirmed that I was right and the tendon was broken at the shoulder and not at the elbow. He immediately arranged for my operation and within a few hours my tendon was stitched to my shoulder joint back.

He relieved me the next day telling me that I would be able to lift my arm in about 10 days from then.

I kept waiting for around 15 days but my arm showed no signs of recovery. It simply didn’t lift at all.

Musculocutaneous Nerve:

I went back to the surgeon who tested me again and came up with a new doubt that my musculocutaneous nerve had also been injured along with the tendon that had already healed after the operation.

He referred me to the head of the neurosurgery department in another reputed government hospital.

When I met the neurosurgeon, he confirmed that my musculocutaneous nerve had been crashed in the accident and it being a deep-seated nerve it was extremely difficult to operate upon it since it could give rise to many more complications in the body. He told me it was a policy of the medical fraternity not to touch this critical nerve for operation unless it posed a crucial disability interfering with the professional skills affecting the patient’s career.

When I said I would not be able to earn my livelihood without my arm lifting, he finally agreed to take a chance in operating my musculocutaneous nerve and gave me a date of 15 days ahead of then.

Miracle Happens:

I came back home and impatiently kept waiting for the day of operation.

And finally when the date arrived, I woke up in the morning thinking I would pack my bag to report in the hospital. But as I got out of my bed, I discovered that my arm had suddenly started lifting on its own.

My eyes went wet with the tears of joy!

I couldn’t believe that my arm had really suddenly healed itself on the very day when I was ready to go to the operation table.

I have not been able to analyze this miracle healing episode till date but I am strongly of the opinion that such episodes must be researched and the healing process behind such miracle healing must be facilitated as a new healing modality.

My Third Authentic Anecdote:

The third anecdote of my miracle healing belongs to 22 years later than the second when I was 53 years old.

I had always been a patient of myopia all through my life with an error of refraction amounting -2.25 diopter in my both eyes.

In fact it was -5.0 diopter in my left eye and 0.0 diopter in my right when I was a kid.

I was given a pair of spectacles which I never wore as my right eye was fine and I could easily do my work without spectacles.

Fast Forward to 20 Years of Age:

Fast forward to 20 years of age when I first got a government job and needed to go for a medical test for the same.

To my astonishment, my bad eye had improved to – 2.25 diopter from – 5.0 diopter but on the other side my good eye had gone bad to – 2.25 diopter from 0.0 diopter that it was in my childhood.

Anyway I got a new pair of spectacles made which I never used again, and joined my job.

At Age 53:

The life kept moving, until at age 53 I happened to go to Sarojininagar Market in New Delhi with my wife for some shopping over there.

She left me for a while for some personal work as I sat on the pavement waiting for her to be back.

Miracle Happens:

As I stretched my body to come out of the slumber from sitting for long, I suddenly realized that I was seeing everything crystal-clear in the field of my vision up to as far as I could see. I had never seen so clear in my life before.

Of course that clarity didn’t stay permanently with me but my body had spontaneously learned the technique of clearing my vision whenever I felt like doing so although my mind had not been able to analyze what exactly my body was doing whenever it maneuvered to see clear.

Research Digging Deep:

Later I did my own research on this miracle healing modality by improving my own vision tremendously and came out with a miracle healing procedure to improve eyesight through opening chakras in the body. The procedure was not very easy to go through but still it did work if the patient had a strong determination to undergo the entire procedure successfully.

I also discovered that opening chakras also had quite a few more miracle healing effects on the body as well as on the mind.

That’s why I say that authentic miracle healing anecdotes deserve an in depth research to get new insights into healing.

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