Whatever Fragments Our Mind Turns It Unhealthy And When Mind Is Unhealthy, Body Goes Unhealthy Too

(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

Unhealthy Fragmented Mind

An Unhealthy Fragmented Mind:

A fragmented mind is an unhealthy mind.

Okay, but what exactly do we mean by the fragmentation of mind?

Well, fragmentation simply means divided in two or more parts rather than being one single entity as a whole.

When it comes to an undivided mind, it means a mind focused at one single thing at one given point of time.

From Interest to Involvement to Focus:

When mind is focused at one single thing like this, all its energies get aligned producing a laser-like effect in order to deal with the concern in question.

Such focus comes with absolute involvement in the process that mind is busy with.

But generally mind lacks that level of involvement in almost anything it puts its hands on.


Simply because it is not REALLY interested in it!

It is interested in what it is going to get out of it.

Here lies the biggest lacuna of the human heath in the way humanity lives an unhealthy life.

Passion Vs Motivation:

We do an action not because that action is our passion but because what it is going to reward us with is our motivation.

We act out of motivation, not out of passion.

If motivation is the driving force behind our mental action, it has already fragmented our mind. Mind is doing one thing in the present and is thinking about another in the future.

It is not really involved in the action, simply because it is not really interested in the action.

Motivation Is A Mirage:

It is interested in something else, but that something else is not the action of doing it in the present. It’s rather the action of dreaming about the future when the completed action hopefully will have rewarded you with its outcome.

Motivation and passion don’t ever go hand in hand with each other.

But we very well know that humanity does almost all its action out of motivation for the outcome and not out of passion for the action.

The results are always much less than optimal.

It further fragments our mind a little bit more, looking for a stronger motivation next time to do the job a little better than it was done the last time.

But it’s never going to happen! You may often come up with various acceptable outcomes since our society has become accustomed to those, but you will never be able to come up with an optimally excellent outcome that generates an exhilarating experience in life.

Mind Affecting Body:

This was all about the dynamics of an unhealthy mind in action.

What about its static effects on the body responsible for healthy physiological processes to be there in place?

It turns body unhealthy too.

When two opposite driving forces pull mind in two opposite directions, body mirrors the same.

It happens so by the nerves carrying two or more opposing signals by the brain for the muscles to move in two or more opposite directions.

It’s physically impossible for the muscles to follow such opposing signals from the brain.

Fragmentation Generates Stress:

An unhealthy fragmented mind makes the brain go hay wire.

When the muscles are not able to follow the conflicting signals from the brain, they get set in a state of limbo, which turns them rigid.

Rigidified muscles inside the body which are involuntary as well as outside ones which are voluntary turn the body rigidified in its inside physiological processes as well as in its outside actions of movement in space.

This is how mental stress, which is nothing else but the state of fragmentation in the mind, turns in physical stress debilitating the body and turning it unhealthy as well as prone to all kinds of lifestyle diseases.

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