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Human Potential

What is human potential:

We need to learn a few things about us, the humans in order to know what human potential is.

Human potential requires a futuristic assessment of the direction humanity is headed toward.

We need to look backward tracing the path we have come along through the past thousands of years to reach where we are today.

From here, we have all the freedom and all the responsibility to pave the path leading further to the future now.

Will it lead toward hell on earth or heaven in life?

Let’s peep into what all our forefathers (foremothers too) did in the past to pave the path that led us to this juncture in the history of mankind that is nothing else but the history of YOU and ME and our human potential whether to make life hell or heaven.

It’s OUR history which doesn’t need to necessarily repeat itself:

Our species evolved and started living in social groups. Safety and satiating hunger were our prime concerns. Our evolving brain helped us invent new strategies, new tactics, new tools and new weapons which turned us into the most powerful species on the planet.

In order to establish our superiority and domination, we used all these new inventions until we made ourselves safe from the attacks of stronger animals as well as created ways to satiate our hunger in more comfortable ways.

The next step was the invention of agriculture. From hunters and gatherers we started turning to be farmers. We needed land holdings and tools of agriculture for the purpose.

These holdings were individual and that was what gave birth to the concept of private property, the mother of money as a social institution.

Money was the first social institution that mankind invented and established!

It was the individual nature of agriculture that gave birth to it. Had it been a social activity like hunting and gathering, money wouldn’t have been there in our life at all.

Till date it has been ruling all the other social institutions that were invented and established later.

Agriculture turned into a career to pursue for life by men and women, but separately from each other.

Men and women made love and procreated children.

Children belonged to mothers as no one knew who their fathers were, not even the mothers.

As women turned old, their children inherited their property and extended it further.

As men turned old, their property was left unoccupied and unclaimed for.

The society clearly started turning matriarchal!

It worried men. They felt jealous.

They were stronger physically. Hence they conspired among themselves and created a new career called the priest who advertently was always a man and never a woman.

The priest was given the status of a medium between men and a conceived super power named God who had created and now managed life on earth.

The priest communicated His rules to humans in the name of morals to be followed by all, men and women alike.

Monogamy was one such moral that gave birth to the institution of marriage and later to the institution of family.

As woman was supposed to love only one man all through her life now, man started knowing who his children were.

Somehow, obviously, the moral of monogamy was scripted stricter for women than it was scripted for men.

The society took a U-turn and started turning patriarchal in almost every local culture on earth now.

The social power got transferred from women to men!

The institution of money further dug its roots deeper and stronger to rule the world by giving birth to another social institution named business.

Men by their inherent nature were more aggressive, more ambitious and more dominating than women.

They always wanted to extend and expand their private property.

This gave birth to a constant state of struggle between one and another, extending to a struggle among one and all.

The most powerful of them was given the title of chieftain.

Chieftains struggled among themselves and the strongest one among them was conferred the title of king.

The areas that kings dominated were named as countries in which all were supposed to follow rules that the king of the land liked them to follow.

Politics was born as a new social institution. Patriotism was made into a value.

Kings struggled among themselves with the help of armies they maintained for the purpose in order to establish empires.

As a result humanity saw some real ugly episodes tending to turn life into hell; like uncounted genocides throughout the human history, the slavery, the holocaust, the crusades, the two world wars ending up in the nuclear disaster, and lately the rise of terrorism throughout the world.

But time to time humanity also saw some great personalities and movements tending to turn life into heaven; like Christopher Columbus with his famous geographical explorations, Charles Darwin with his theory of evolution, Karl Marx with his ideas on economic history and sociology, Mahatma Gandhi with his nonviolent movement against the British colonization of India, Albert Einstein with his general theory Of relativity, Nelson Mandela with his fight against apartheid, and many more like these!

Humans have the potential – the human potential – to turn life into hell or heaven!

What is going to be MY role and YOURS in the events to shape the life and the world of the future?

And how can we manifest our human potential to make an effective change in our personal life as well as in life on earth…

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