Enterprise As A Human Potential Can Turn Every Situation Around And Simply Has No Parallel To It

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)


The Spirit of Enterprise:

The spirit of enterprise is one of the main characteristics of human potential that differentiates humans from other animals. Humans quite instinctively are born with an enterprising nature as an inherent part of their natural mindset.

That’s how they took over the world and dominate it today over all other species.

Enterprise meant different things to different cultures depending on the geographical locations they lived in as well as different periods of time they belonged to.

Our Ancient Ancestors:

To our ancient ancestors about 50,000 years ago enterprise meant breaking out of the geographical boundaries of the African continent and spread all over the world including Europe and Asia, looking for better and easier ways to live.

It meant inhabiting as far as the interiors of Siberia falling under Tundra regions and as high as the towering plateaus of Tibet rightly said to be the roof of the world.

The spirit of enterprise guided humans in all the geographical locations to envisage systems in order to survive and execute them to maintain survival.

The Great Explorers:

The human enterprise set off to explore the geographical landmass when…

  • Marco Polo left his native Venice, traveled further into Asia for 24 long years and wrote about paper money, eyeglasses and spaghetti.
  • Magellan, the first navigator to cross the Pacific, was hacked to pieces by a tribe in the Philippines.
  • Captain Cook mapped New Zealand and discovered Australia’s east coast.
  • Richard Francis Burton searched the source of the Nile and discovered Lake Victoria.
  • Vasco da Gama sailed from Europe to Africa and from there to the great source of spices in India.
  • Ibn Battuta travelled more than 73,000 miles and explored North and West Africa, South and Eastern Europe, South, Central and Southeast Asia along with the Middle East and China.
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes reached both poles and crossed the Antarctic and Arctic Ocean.
  • Columbus discovered the new world telling humanity about Americas for the first time in the human history.

The Making of The USA:

It was not only about the individual explorers who were endowed with a spirit of enterprise to explore, but also about the entire chunks of populations who shaped the modern day world with their exclusive enterprise in the foreign land of America when they as the unfortunate have-not’s in their motherland sailed off to the new uncharted territories to make it their new home in search of unexplored sources of wealth.

And today the United States of America stands as the richest nation in the world!

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