The Greatest Human Potential Lies In Its Ability To Regain Its Lost Freedom!

(Last Updated On: March 28, 2017)


History Of Mankind Is The History Of  Freedom Lost:

The entire history of human evolution speaks of its constant hunt to attain more and more safety, comfort and the most importantly freedom for itself.

As this monkey that we once were, underwent a series of mutations and finally stood on its twos without a tail at its back, severing its last connection with its predecessor; it kept looking for newer and newer ways to harness the forces of nature for its benefit.

Freedom Gained:

It attained its first major freedom from the compulsion of consuming raw food when it invented fire and turned its food much more edible as well as tastier than ever before.

As it evolved from being a hunter-gatherer to being a farmer, it earned its next major freedom from the compulsion of always being on its toes to go out in search of food every single day.

It then became free from carrying its agricultural produce on its back from one place to another when it invented wheel and built ox-driven carts on wheels to easily carry heavy loads as far as it liked without doing any strenuous labor itself.

Freedom Lost:

But it took a complete U-turn holding its freedom at ransom when it started weaving the fabric of society in order to live a settled life in villages with its fellow humans along.

These evolved humans were intelligent enough to invent technological advances to achieve freedom from their cumbersome ways of life, but they were not wise enough to understand the far-reaching implications of what they were going to design their society like.

Establishing Private Property:

The institution of private property had already started establishing itself with the advent of agriculture as the main occupation of these evolved humans.

Curbing Instinctive Drives:

First of all they curbed their members’ freedom to follow instinctive drives of interacting freely between the two genders by subjugating their females to males’ whims and desires.

They didn’t want females to freely have sex with the males they spontaneously felt like having it with. If they did, they wouldn’t be able to know who their offshoots were whereas females would easily know who their sons and daughters were.

Marriage Institutionalized:

It was jealousy working in the male mind that got the institution of marriage established commanding men and women to have sex with and procreate from one single partner all through their life so that men would be able to know who their sons and daughters were.

It was another thing that these commandments had been scripted much more strictly for women in the names of morals than they had been for men. As a result although it distorted men’s outlook toward sex making it more insensitive and violent against women, it very inhumanly suppressed women’s drive and freedom to move around and interact freely with the men of their choice.

Half of the human population was robbed of its right to freedom by this one single act alone!

Man Woman Equation:

Women were forced to turn submissive losing all their instinctive passion whereas forcing them into submission turned men insensitive and violent thus losing all their instinctive passion as well.

We have been paying a huge price for this unnatural regimentation through ages of gender discrimination and exploitation extending to eve teasing, rapes, wife-beating and killing female embryos during pregnancy to this date in our society.

The institution of marriage also gave birth to the institution of family reinforcing the institution of private property to be inherited turning into the most coveted institution of money later.

The Age Of Suspicion, Ego And Violence:

Once the institution of marriage got firmly rooted in the pattern of society, men who by now had been severely distorted with suspicion, ego and violence felt a need to take it out on those they thought could prove to be a challenge to them. The strongest and the cleverest among them took the leadership in their hands.

They needed to assemble fighters to do so by paying them with favors to fight for them.

Money had already come into existence to facilitate trading by now and it proved to be the best favor that anyone could be paid with.

Politics-Business Nexus:

Thus came into existence the nexus between politics and business.

Men fought wars enslaving those who they defeated. They robbed the losers of their money and forced these slaves to work for them.

Freedom of men got robbed in the hands of other men!

Humanity witnessed the worst genocides and the fiercest wars in the hands of the most violent men on the face of earth.

Borders Marked With Barbed Wires:

The world got demarcated into various different countries with barbed wires on their borders in between them!

Ages passed by, empires turned to democracies, businesses turned to large corporate houses, armies adopted the most lethal weapons by testing them in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for once; but the freedom of man is still a distant dream on the planet.

The modern culture has subjugated man’s freedom to its most lethal weapon ever created in the name of money. Whatever we do in life on earth today is directed to earning and hoarding as much of money as we can. Not a single action of ours has remained free of this unfortunate motive to earn money out of it.

We as humans need to regain our freedom to walk on our planet without being obstructed by the barbed wires on the borders being protected by the armies on both sides of them.

We have our human potential on our side to attain our freedom from the clutches of money power and political power to write a new era of freedom on our planet.

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