Why I Consider Law Of Attraction As Old Wine In New Bottle That Can Never Do Any Good To Humanity

(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)

Law Of Attraction

Law of Attraction:

Law of attraction that came into its conceptual existence in the late nineteenth century as a self-appointed advocate of the human potential is based on the tenet ‘like attracts like’.

These ‘likes’ are broadly categorized as positive and negative in any field of human thought concerning real events occurring in human life.

It states that if you think positive with the total focus of your mind on to it, the universe will take care that everything positive in reality happens to you in your life.

A Corollary:

As a corollary, the same law of attraction also covertly states that if you think negative even without the total focus of your mind on to it (who ever thinks negative with the total focus of one’s mind on to it?), the universe will be forced to turn everything negative in reality in your life.

No one ever likes to think negative happening to them in their life, but they certainly fear it may. A fear is a thought too, but it is never a focused thought. The moment you focus on your fear with the total attention of your mind on to it, it simply disappears as if it never was there in the very first place.

Thinking Positive:

Now let’s come to thinking positive with the total focus of your mind on to it as the law of attraction suggests doing…

Why would one need thinking positive at all?

Thinking positive always has an emotional content in it, exactly like thinking negative does.

If you need thinking positive, you certainly have some unfulfilled desires in your mind.

And if your desires are yet unfulfilled, you certainly are not satisfied with your life the way it is at least at present.

You start wishfully thinking of them getting manifested.

A little more focus on to them and they start becoming your dreams, be it daydreams or else dreaming while sleeping.

That’s as far as fully focusing on an emotional thought can take you to.

Emotional Thinking:

Every positive thought is bound to be an emotional thought.

If you need thinking positive, you have complaints with your life at present.

Having complaints is also an emotional thought, albeit a negative one.

Every positive thought has its roots firmly set in its opposite negative thought.

In fact the two are the two sides of the same coin.

Thinking Negative:

If you ever have a positive thought you love or else desire, it invariable has its roots firmly set in its opposite negative thought that you hate or else fear.

Desire and fear are the two extremes of the same thought process which is essentially emotional in its structure.

When the law of attraction talks of fully focusing on your positive thinking, it either forgets or else ignores that you simply cannot focus on either positive or negative thinking in totality.

What you can totally focus on is thinking alone without any adjective attached to it.

This is what the basic tenet of the process called meditation is.

Law of Attraction Vs Meditation:

Meditation aims at taking you out of your emotional state of mind into a state where both negative as well as positive lose their meaning at all. To an enlightened mind, there is no preferred outcome of an event. It accepts life as it comes without any tags or conditions attached to it.

In fact it turns thought which is always emotional in nature as positive or negative to a real energetic state of mind characterized by pure thinking which is neither positive nor negative.

Thought basically always dwells in the past and the future whereas pure thinking is always done in the present moment and that is why it has so much energy attached to it.

The law of attraction is anti-meditative in its basic approach.

Old Wine in New Bottle:

I would even go to the extent of saying that it’s a conspiracy given as a hoax call to keep people dreaming and never taking a real action to change what is essentially wrong around them in the world today.

It seems to very cunningly have filled the same old wine of superstitions in a new attractive bottle of high sounding words and phrases appealing the pseudo-intellectual minds so that they may take it to the masses and publicize it to them.

Looks like it aims at intoxicating the masses with a more convincing pseudo-scientific religion taking them to a new cultural slumber so that they never wake up to their real human potential and undo what all wrong and ugly is going on happening in the world today.

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