Meditation As An Isolated Session Does No Good To The Mind If It Is Not Made A Way Of Life 24X7

(Last Updated On: May 26, 2017)


Meditation – The Most Misinformed Activity:

Meditation is one of the most misinformed activities throughout the world. As an exclusive human potential, it has already assumed the status of being the only way to bring peace to the mind.

The general perception of the masses about meditation is quite flawed up. Ask anyone on road what they think meditation is and more than often they will tell you it means sitting and concentrating on one single thought, mantra, image, sound or symbol.

The ones who think they know a little bit more would tell you to sit down but not to concentrate on one single element and rather let the mind roam around wherever it does along with keeping witnessing the same with as much awareness as you can.

But everyone has a picture of meditation in mind of something that is done while sitting in a specific cross-legged posture. So much so that these cross-legged postures have become synonymous with meditation and represent meditation as an icon.

What Actually Is Meditation:

Meditation is a process of increasing one’s awareness but hardly do people really know for sure how to actually start doing that once you have sat down in a cross-legged posture. So, different people keep doing different kinds of mental activities while getting initiated in the discipline named meditation.

How does one increase one’s awareness?

It’s not at all a spiritual question to answer which meditation is traditionally linked with. It is considered to take you to the spiritual realm away from the mundane activities of daily life.

Nothing can be farther from truth!

The Spiritual Realm:

The word spirit from which the notion of the spiritual realm has taken shape is very much a part of all the mundane activities of daily life.

That’s why when an emphasis is put on sitting in the cross-legged or any other formal posture in order to do meditation, it kills the very basic insight into what meditation should be done like.

The idea of sitting for meditation makes people take it as a mental exercise to do for a limited duration of time, get relieved from stress, accumulate some mental peace that they are otherwise lacking and then jump back into their habitual, unhealthy and unaware ways of living life like they always have been doing.

Doing meditation like this rather harms than do any good simply because it inculcates a new ego in their minds that they have accumulated a lot of good karma and they are a better human being than those who don’t sit to do meditation and hence are wasting their lives.

How is accumulating good karma any different from accumulating money in their bank accounts?

Meditation Posture:

So in my opinion the sitting posture should be discontinued as far as doing meditation is concerned.

Then which one to adopt if not the sitting posture? That’s what people will ask!

No posture, I say.

Postures are only there for a limited duration of time to build an ego of having done your meditation for the day!

It’s funny.

Awareness, and not meditation, is the exclusive human potential. Meditation is simply a process to increase this awareness to realize our optimum human potential.

We need to stop fancying and glamorizing meditation as a pious activity in itself. If it doesn’t help increase the canvas of our awareness, it’s not of any use to us.

How does one increase one’s awareness then?

Not by sitting cross-legged in a meditation posture at least!

Dynamic Process Vs Static:

Increasing awareness has to be a dynamic process rather than a static one. We don’t need to sit in isolation away from all the action of life and make mind static.

We need to be aware of our mind’s dynamic process in the very midst of all the mundane activities of our daily life 24X7.

Awareness comes from perceiving the world around.

We perceive the world around us through our five senses as well as through our responses to those perceptions.

We don’t use all our senses to their optimum and hence do not respond to the said perceptions in our totality.

How We Turn Mind into A Bad Computer:

In the absence of the optimum awareness, we become habituated to get an initial glimpse of an event and then just stop using our senses further to perceive the same in its totality anew. Rather we fabricate the rest of our so-called reception of our perception of the initial glimpse from the past memory of a similar glimpse along with our past response to that past memory.

What an ineffective computer system have our minds become!

Human mind is not a computer alone. If it does things the way a computer does, it gets limited to be a bad computer since machines can perform much better in that realm than we can.

We are not computers, we are basically perceivers. We need to perceive every time anew, even if it resembles something of the very similar nature along with our past response to it stored in our memory of the past!

Responding to a new event from the response stored in our memory amounts to reacting and not really responding to it.

And why do we try to act like a computer at all even at the cost of limiting our perceptive awareness of the present?

Mental Hurry:

It’s because like a computer, we are in a hurry to compute what the present event is about.

This is a tendency that springs from the attitude of living life with a utilitarian point of view. It always is in a hurry to estimate if a new perception of a new event has any utilitarian value in it or not.

A non-meditative mind is always in a hurry to make an opinion about an event without even perceiving it to its fullest anew.

It’s a difference between living life as an experiencing soul and an accumulator.

It’s also a difference between living life as a customer and as a trader. To a customer, every piece one buys is unique; to a trader it’s just another piece out of stock!

And it’s also a difference between the attitudes of being and having. I am versus I have!

Total Perception Every Time Anew:

The moment we start using all our five senses while perceiving the mundane events and activities of our daily life, our mind comes out of the vicious circle of reacting to them from the memories of our past reactions (past reactions were not the total responses too!) to the similar events and activities in the present.

Once our mind is able to train itself to act anew every single time it perceives a new event, it develops a new insight into what all amazing stuff these new events and activities have in store for us as far as interacting with them in the absolute present is concerned.

And the best thing is that no one will ever come to know you are meditating as you go on living your life unassumingly every single moment of it!

Sitting in meditation will never take you there. So get up and get into the mundane action of daily life with a meditative set of mind 24X7!

You will be rewarded with the insight that only the optimum awareness can equip you with, it being an exclusive human potential to be achieved in order to live life to its fullest!

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