We Will Have To Set Our House In Order On Our Own Alone Without Any Savior Descending From Heavens

(Last Updated On: July 21, 2017)


The Savior Myth:

The entire humanity banks on the idea of some kind of savior who will descend from heavens and solve all its problems before they have gone beyond the point of repair.

Doesn’t it sound like those childhood stories we were told by our grannies starting with ‘There was a king’ and then the king runs into some sorts of problems before a savior comes and rescues him and then the story ends at a note saying something like ‘and they lived happily ever again’?

Humanity still seems to be fixated in its regressive fantasies because if it doesn’t do so, it will have to face turmoil of tremendous anxiety which it doesn’t yet have the courage to acknowledge.

Hasn’t Humanity Turned Adult Yet?

Does it mean to say that humanity is still in its adolescent stage that requires a father figure to absolve it of all its troubles and turmoil it has created for itself in its ignorance?

Accepting this will certainly hurt our ego that we have ideated under the banner of human potential envisioned as an unlimited resilience and a boundless resourcefulness to come out unscathed of the worst calamities that can ever befall it.

But still a major chunk of our population looks up to the skies expecting to receive some kind of supernatural help from its realms.

Has our species not turned adult yet to be on its own taking responsibilities of its own actions by implementing the corrective measures for the mistakes it has made in the past?

Our House Is In Utter Chaos:

Our house is in utter chaos right now as we have brought Gaia to the verge of all life it has been nurturing since times immemorial going extinct.

We hadn’t committed our first sin in the Eden Garden; we committed it much later when we manufactured our first weapon to kill the members of our own species.

And we didn’t stop there. We went on a spree to improve on the fatal capacity of our weaponry to the point of testing it the last more than 60 years ago in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

We Are Digging Our Own Graves:

Our superior brain has turned us into a power-hungry as well as a comfort-seeking species for which we need to keep launching perennial campaigns aimed at manufacturing both, the fatal arms & ammunition as well as a horde of consumer goods through creating their artificial demand in our psyche even if we don’t really need them at all.

They all come at an exorbitant price of releasing CO2 in the air turning our planet uncomfortably hot to the extent of threatening killing all life on it.

Now This Is No Utopian Cry…

We don’t need such comforts as threaten killing us en-mass!

We don’t need so many cars on our small little planet!

We don’t need such weapons as have the capacity to invite holocaust on the entire planet!

We don’t need such hands as are trained to kill our own species in the name of securing our borders!

We don’t need any borders to secure!

Let our artificial borders get dissolved!

Let our artificial nationalities get wiped off the map of the earth!

Let us dismantle all our armies in all our countries and employ them in some real productive pursuits in a country-less world!

A Challenge to Human Potential:

It’s not a Utopian cry; it’s rather a challenge to what we call our human potential. We do need to do away with the chaos in our house. And we need to do it immediately!

We humans will immediately have to set our house in order on our own alone without any savior descending from heavens or else we will be seen lying as skeletons at every latitude and at every longitude on the Globe with no one alive to take care of them.

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