Thinking Is Certainly The Best Human Privilege. Let Us Not Turn It Into Our Worst Handicap!

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)



Humans are endowed with a privilege to think and it is this privilege of thinking alone that has brought us from being a caveman to being a skyscraper dweller today.

It was a long journey we traversed trough thousands of years. What we lost along the way and what we gained is yet to be calculated.

The major question right now at this juncture of time is what we are going to do further ahead from here with our thinking.

Whatever we do must take care of all the problems humanity is facing today.

I am not thinking negative, but I don’t want to live in a fool’s paradise. The picture that the facts are painting is not a rosy one at all.

Global Warming:

Global warming is threatening us with extinction, and there are influential people steering the political bandwagon who are in a state of denial regarding it. Their thinking may prove to be very costly to us.

Food & Water Scarcity:

A great percentage of people especially in the third world countries are not getting enough nutritious food to eat and clean water to drink. Is anyone still thinking of a solution to that?

Inflating Population & Depleting Resources:

We have multiplied ourselves a bit too fast and a bit too much. We have become too many of us on a small, little planet of which we can use only a third part to live. Our resources have started depleting especially the fossil fuels that run all automobiles on earth. We need thinking about it at the level of an impending emergency.

Increasing Disparity:

There is an ugly disparity between the statuses of humans that our society has allowed to be created. I fail to understand what a weird kind of thinking must have gone into designing such an unjust society! 1% of population controls half the wealth of the earth, top 10% control 90% of the entire wealth of the world. Only 1% of it goes to serve the bottom 65% of population. What a great socio-economic system have we created for our fellow humans!

War Preparations:

Countries are going on building and accumulating weapons of destruction calling it their defense strategy. If every country is busy building its defense who is it that is threatening offence? It clearly indicates the destructive thinking that we have fallen prey to.

Deteriorating Human Health:

Human health is in a pathetic condition. More than one third of the world’s population has gone overweight, inviting all kinds of lifestyle diseases. A considerable percentage of population has fallen prey to diabetes. A similar percentage has contracted asthma for life. Around half of humanity is living with heart conditions all through their lives. Digestive diseases have become the rule of life. One in every seven people is a victim of migraine. Arthritis has debilitated 10 to 15 percent of human population. One fourth of the population is suffering from depression and other neurological diseases. We do seem to have gone wrong somewhere in our thinking patterns!

Mechanical Education System:

Our education system is going on churning out an army of robotic experts who know everything but for aesthetics in life and creativity in thinking. Critical thinking has become the way of the world. Nailed down by their own negative thinking patterns, the schools, the colleges and the corporate world are going on mongering slogans of positive thinking in a futile attempt to undo what they already have done wrong.

Relationships in Peril:

Relationships are disintegrating, turning into self-serving contracts with one another. Maybe they were always like that! Only that their real face has come out of their mask in the open now. That’s why relationship problems are tending to go beyond repair now. Marriages are disintegrating. Divorces are at an all-time high.

Narrow Nationalism:

Corrupt politics (is the adjective really needed?) is ruling the innocent and ignorant masses, grinding its own axe wherever it can. Human rights have been kept at bay. The entire world seems to have gone the right wing way keeping the interests of their own nations up and above any global consideration of sharing and freedom.


As a reaction to all this, crime has organized itself too by putting on a modern political garb on its face in the name of terrorism. Freedom was already gone. Now safety and security is also at peril.

Human thinking is turning self-detrimental! The best privilege that our species was endowed with is fast turning into its own handicap.

What are we going to do with our thinking?

We need to give an emergency call to our incredible human potential to take note of it all and device a paradigm shift in human thinking pattern to create a new structure that supports itself entirely on new pillars of thought as the old ones have already started falling apart.

These are going to be the best minds on earth who will take the onus of this extremely urgent responsibility on their shoulders!

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