Life Coach

Life Coach

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is an interactive relationship between two individuals.

One of them, the life coach, coaches the other regarding almost all aspects of life.

She/he is able to do so by dint of her/his wider experience and deeper insight into the processes of life.

The coaching is supposed to help the one receiving it in whatever one is looking for in this relationship.

One may be looking for the right action to do, the right perspective to grow, the right relationships to build, the right skills to develop, the right decisions to take, the right feelings to harness or the right worldview to form.

In other words the life coach acts as a mentor to the other – the friend, philosopher and guide.

How does one qualify to become a life coach?

A life coach simply cannot be trained by any curriculum granting a certificate authorizing one to start practicing coaching. If there are any courses like that existing anywhere, they are just good for nothing.

It’s more a personal equation between two individuals than a professional one.

A life coach needs to be more at ease with life and less in conflict with it.

It’s only possible if and when the said coach does not have a fragmented mindset and experiences life in its wholeness.

It’s a known fact that with the modern cultural emphasis on isolated specializations, almost everyone is turning to be a specialist in this field of life or that.

Culture takes its toll on individuals:

It turns their personalities eccentric.

They turn sharper in their fields of specializations, but lose their capability and capacity to look at life from a bird’s eye view.

They are so much indulged in whatever they are doing in their specific isolation that they lose a sense of total involvement in the entire complex web of life.

They go fragmented in mind, devoid of wholeness in their personalities.

They start having problems in life… be it emotional, be it financial, be it relational or be it simply existential.

They need a life coach in order to mend their life.

How to decide if a person is going to be good as a life coach or not?

The best yardstick is that a life coach would have almost no problems in life without being a stone herself or himself. It means she/he has to be a sensitive, a compassionate and an intelligent person.

How many persons do you see around who have all these three aspects in their personality intact?

That’s the reason you won’t be able to find a genuine life coach with an ordinary search procedure.

You will have to discover them! Just be on the lookout for them…

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