A Rebound Relationship Has Its Inherent Weaknesses Woven into Its Very Structure And Dynamics

(Last Updated On: August 7, 2017)

Rebound Relationship

Rebound Relationship:

A rebound relationship is formed when either of the partners enters into it as an escape from his or her bitter reaction to a break in a serious relationship with serious relationship problems he/she was recently in.

In rare scenarios, it could be a rebound relationship for both partners into it.

Can a rebound relationship become as serious with the passage of time as the one it has been a replacement of?

Nothing is impossible but statistical data reveal that such relationships are generally short-lived.

Entry into a rebound relationship is a desperate and an impulsive one rather than being passionate or else well thought over.

Loneliness and Rejection:

The feelings of loneliness and rejection turn one dejected and hurt one’s self esteem, which desperately need to be compensated and reinforced even if temporarily so.

Hence the person concerned becomes an easy catch who is quite prone to fall for the first person he or she comes across as a plausible relationship prospect without exercising any discretion about one’s choice in one’s desperation.

Things start showing their real colors as such a rebound relationship goes a little deeper in interaction and spans a little longer duration of time.

Interactions Vs Reactions:

Interactions get expressed as reactions which they always were.

Reactions never last long and the same happens with such relationships. They were never really meant to last long from the point of view of the one who was on rebound, but they do leave a bad taste in the other partner who might have seriously got involved with the one on rebound.

It may turn him or her into another person on rebound!

It may propagate as a chain reaction in the society.

How to know if a person you are starting a relationship with is on rebound or not?

Symptoms of Rebound:

Here are a few symptoms that a person on rebound would show:

  • Extremities of mood
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Need for extra approval and assurance
  • Getting lost in oneself at times
  • Clinging to their partner

Once you are able to spot someone on rebound, it’s better to stay away from a rebound relationship with him or her.

Turn A Problem into An Opportunity:

In fact the feelings of loneliness and rejection owing to a break in a serious relationship one was recently in are an opportunity in disguise in order to come as a real matured person out of it.

How does it happen? How do you do that?

Can you learn living with these feelings experiencing them in their totality without ever trying to escape from them through taking the route of falling for a rebound relationship?

Feel it full!

It’s not only therapeutic; it’s evolutionary as well as far as your personality development is concerned.

Time is the best healer. All other alternatives are just addictions.

Make your break-up work for you in your favor to come out as a much stronger person out of it.

Once you are able to do so, your next relationship is never going to be a rebound relationship again.

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