105 Insightful Relationship Questions You Would Love To Ask Before Starting A New Relationship

(Last Updated On: April 22, 2017)

Relationship Questions

Relationship Questions:

Insightful relationship questions can reveal a whole lot about the person you are planning to start a new relationship with. You just need to look at the way your prospect answers them.

Screening people this way can save you a whole lot of trouble by avoiding relationship problems later, which could always spring up if you didn’t screen your prospects intelligently enough before you jumped into a relationship with them.

What should you ask?

And why should you ask what you are asking?

How will it help you in ascertaining whether the person you are interacting with is going to be a genuine partner with you or not?

Your purpose is to discover the real face behind the facade your prospect might be putting up in order to present her or his best profile in front of you.

Traits & Qualities:

You would want to get an idea about the following traits or qualities in your prospect’s personality:

Relationship Questions to Discover Maturity in Personality:
  • Do you love yourself more than you love others?
  • Who will you love more, yourself or your partner?
  • Do you love money more than you love yourself?
  • Do you love your life the way it is right now?
  • Are you happily ready to die anytime?
Relationship Questions to Discover Spontaneity in Personality:
  • Do you plan things before you act or you just act spontaneously?
  • Have you ever fallen for someone without ever thinking you would?
  • If someone is beating a helpless child, would you jump in yourself or call the police?
  • Do you have any secrets of your own hidden within you?
  • Can you keep others’ secrets?
Relationship Questions to Discover Genuineness in Personality:
  • Do you hide your weaknesses?
  • You committed a blunder that could cost you your entire career. Would you confess?
  • You hit someone on a secluded road with your car. Think twice to tell if you would save yourself or save the injured!
  • You fell for someone despite yourself. Would you hide it from your spouse or confess knowing full well it could cost you your marriage?
  • Do you showcase your achievements?
Relationship Questions to Discover Possessiveness in Personality:
  • How would you feel if you discovered your spouse had started silently fancying someone else other than you?
  • What action would you take if you discovered your spouse had extra marital relationship once?
  • What action would you take if you discovered your spouse was having a regular extra marital affair with someone?
  • How would you feel if you discovered you were not your spouse’s first choice?
  • How do you feel when you see your spouse interacting just a bit intimately with someone from the opposite gender?
Relationship Questions to Discover Caring Attitude in Personality:
  • You saw a stranger in a dire need for help not involving money. Would you offer a helping hand?
  • Would you take an accident victim to hospital or hope anyone else in the crowd or else the police would do that?
  • Your spouse suddenly got a bad headache. Would you wait for the headache to subside or soothe the head with your fingers?
  • You saw a child crying by the roadside. Would you yourself address the child or inform the police to take care?
  • Have you taken steps to donate your organs to save lives after your death? Who knows when death may strike anyone!
Relationship Questions to Discover Liberal Attitude in Personality:
  • Your spouse was out for a week without informing you beforehand. Would you insist on knowing why and where if the spouse didn’t want to tell those details?
  • Your spouse introduces you to an old relationship that hadn’t worked for some reason in the past. Would you mind your spouse interacting with the old relationship for a while?
  • How would you react if you discovered telltale signs of your spouse going a little bit too close to someone else?
  • Would you mind if your spouse has started getting quite friendly with a colleague of the opposite gender at the workplace?
  • Would you ring an emotional alarm if you discover someone getting attracted toward your spouse?
Relationship Questions to Discover Attitude of Giving Space in Personality:
  • Your spouse wants to be left alone for a while. Would you mind doing that?
  • Your spouse plans a long trip alone. Would you insist on joining along?
  • Your spouse proposes a temporary pause in relationship. Would you be okay with the idea?
  • Your spouse proposes staying under two different roofs and seeing each other when the two of you really feel like meeting. Would you welcome the idea?
  • Your spouse plans throwing a party on personal friends without you being a part of it. Would you mind staying out of it?
Relationship Questions to Discover Intellectual Depth in Personality:
  • Do you like discussing issues in depth with their extended details?
  • Do you ever wonder what life really means to every single individual?
  • Do you have ideas about what makes two persons stick together and form a relationship?
  • Do you have ideas about what makes two persons in relationship get alienated?
  • Do you take things at their face value or are able to read between the lines?
Relationship Questions to Discover Energy Level in Personality:
  • Are you often ready to jump into performing new experiments in life?
  • Are you willing to learn new skills anytime?
  • Do you focus at one single thing passionately while working on it or are you a multitasker?
  • Do you love one with your full passion in a given span of time or anyone on road can attract you easily?
  • Are you curious enough to learn new domains of knowledge every time?
Relationship Questions to Discover Artistic Appreciation in Personality:
  • Do you look more for functional utility or for aesthetic appearance while buying something new?
  • What do you enjoy reading more, prose or verse?
  • What is more important for you, having your cake or eating it out?
  • Are you a person of accumulating credentials to showcase or of experiencing in depth?
  • Do you value a thing based on its brand or price tag or else on its real inherent quality?
Relationship Questions to Discover Ego in Personality:
  • Do you listen to your criticism or give it a deaf ear?
  • Do you prefer to speak more or do you prefer to listen more?
  • Do you always want to stay ahead in the race of life?
  • Do you tend to dominate your interactions and relationships?
  • Do you feel bad if and when you are proved wrong?
Relationship Questions to Discover Romantic Capacity in Personality:
  • Do you take enough time to experience an interaction or do you finish it as fast as possible?
  • Do you expose everything out in the open immediately or do you keep a few select things unexposed to experience them later?
  • Do you look for the mysterious dimensions in the process or the person you are interacting with?
  • Do you always maintain a minimum distance to keep the two individuals separate as two different identities without identifying with each other?
  • Do you enjoy being naughty in your interactions to shock the other with unexpected surprises?
Relationship Questions to Discover Physicality in Personality:
  • Are you sensually sensitive?
  • Are you sensuous in your touch?
  • Does the visual sense turn you on?
  • Does the body smell turn you on?
  • Does the depth of voice turn you on?
Relationship Questions to Discover Creative Capability in Personality:
  • Are you creative in your interactions without repeating the same protocol every time?
  • Can you receive the same person as a totally new person every new time you meet them?
  • Can you be creative enough with the topics you talk about turning them new every time?
  • Can you create new games of interaction to play every time you meet anew?
  • Can you create new situations in your interactions so that you automatically start behaving differently every time you meet again?
Relationship Questions to Discover Values in Personality:
  • Are your values intrinsic or moral?
  • Do you value others’ values?
  • Do you point out if you feel others’ values might be harming them?
  • Do you explain your values to others in detail?
  • Can you love a person whose values point 180 degree opposite to yours?
Relationship Questions to Discover Expectations in Personality:
  • Do you make your relationships on preconceived conditions or are they based on unconditional interactions that are every time new?
  • Do you enjoy the spontaneity of expecting nothing and receiving something you never expected you would?
  • Do you realize expectations are robotic mirages and the best things you ever receive come unexpected to you in life?
  • Do you believe your spouse loves you the most on earth?
  • Have your expectations always been fulfilled in life?
Relationship Questions to Discover Aspirations in Personality:
  • Would you do something different than what you are doing now if you no more needed to earn money?
  • Do you work to get your aspirations fulfilled?
  • Do you worship to get your aspirations fulfilled?
  • Will you be an unhappy person if your aspirations don’t get fulfilled?
  • Are you an unhappy person since your aspirations aren’t yet fulfilled?
Relationship Questions to Discover Worldview in Personality:
  • Are you happy with your worldview that you have?
  • Do you find any anomalies in the world you live?
  • Are all of us living a good life the way we live?
  • Do you feel a need to change the world?
  • Do you have an idea about how to change the world?
Relationship Questions to Discover Habits in Personality:
  • Are your habits addictive?
  • Do you realize that some of your habits might disturb the person in relationship with you?
  • Are you ready to change your habits that genuinely disturb your spouse?
  • Would you like your spouse to change their habits that genuinely disturb you?
  • Can you learn to live with your spouse’s habits that you don’t like but aren’t genuinely disturbed by too?
Relationship Questions to Discover Priorities in Personality:
  • Are your priorities in life obsessive?
  • Do you have an insight into what shaped your priorities?
  • Would you be able to change your priorities if need be?
  • Would you like to take steps to match your priorities with those of your spouse?
  • Is there a mismatch between your aspirations and your priorities?
Relationship Questions to Discover Sociability in Personality:
  • Do you like your spouse’s friends and mingle with them?
  • Would you like your spouse liking your friends and mingling with them?
  • Do you take steps to make new friends common to both?
  • Would you like your spouse to happily introduce you in her social gatherings?
  • Would you like introducing your spouse in your social gatherings?

You would certainly like to know the bad answers and the good answers to the above-stated relationship questions. For this you will have to wait until I turn each of these questionnaires into a separate quiz and publish them all in my Quiz log.

As I go on turning them one by one by one, I will keep linking them to the titles of these questionnaires on this page too. So keep coming here often to look for the new links added to the titles of different relationship questions above.

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