Unhealthy Minds Not Only Generate Unhealthy Bodies But Also Generate Unhealthy Relationships

(Last Updated On: June 15, 2017)

Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships:

Unhealthy relationships turn life a hell and the world an ugly place to live. As we all know and feel that the world the way it exists at present does not provide a very good living experience to the majority of its population surrounded by all kinds of relationship problems.

Why has it happened so? Where did we go wrong?

Impossible Challenges to Meet:

Clearly, we went wrong in our relationships with one another on the planet. Our relationships keep posing impossible challenges to meet in front of us whether these are professional relationships or else personal resulting not only in staleness and bitterness but also in violence and fraudulence often.

The problem is that each one of the sides in any relationship looks forward to meeting their narrow individual goals get fulfilled through it. We have crafted them like trade-offs guided by the principle of give and take, be it in a marriage or in the bilateral relationships between any two nations.

It’s like both sides pulling their end of the rope like in a tug of war. We keep them pulling until either we get exhausted rendering ourselves devoid of all the energy to carry on our unhealthy relationships any further and leave them cold the way they are, or else the rope gets broken in the mid and the relationships are officially called off.

Self-Centered Approach:

What are we really up to when we decide to create a bond between the two or more in a relationship?

We need to expand our mental boundaries to include the other side as much as we care about our own. If it is done this way, it will develop into a new organic whole which is always much bigger than a mere summation of the two. It transitions us from a petty lonely ‘I’ to an empowered ‘We’ with a sense of a mission behind it.

But that is not to be till we continue thinking in terms of our individual selves with an idea of enriching it alone without taking all of us along to our ultimate goal of freedom from pain, fear and any kind of insecurity on the planet.

The Role Money-Mindedness Plays: 

Unluckily our minds are not yet molded that way. And it can easily be understood that it is the acquisition of money which keeps our minds essentially isolated from those of the rest of humanity including the ones in direct relationship with us.

Money keeps us away from our loved ones. We only love the other till our money is safe in our wallet.

Money is what keeps us limited inside our individual self unable to come out of its boundaries and relate with another with its full force. The concern for keeping our money safe and enhancing it further as much as we can is very much obvious in our actions protecting our ego and enhancing its size at the cost of the other in relationship by posing impossible challenges for them to meet.

It doesn’t let us remain gentle beings at any level in life and especially in our relationships.

Money has turned our minds unhealthy and unhealthy minds not only generate unhealthy bodies but also generate unhealthy relationships.

The Accumulation Bug:

A healthy mind never tends to accumulate anything, not even the past emotional experiences that bar it from living life spontaneously as it comes naturally every moment anew.

When our minds are conditioned to accumulate money, they automatically get conditioned to accumulate every past emotion which turns them very unhealthy. An unhealthy mind with its disposition to accumulate also trains the body to accumulate all the garbage that it should have got rid of in a very regular manner every single day.

The body turns constipated giving rise to a host of lifestyle diseases including obesity that has spread like an epidemic on the planet.

Relationships turn stale in their perseverance to keep their individual selves intact in the most self-centered manner stopping them from expanding into organically merged relationship wholes which would otherwise have evolved them into a group-centered empowered consciousness of an enthralling relationship.

Alas, but that is not to happen until we redesign our society, our values and our economics on our planet.

Unhealthy minds will keep ending up into unhealthy relationships turning life a hell to live till then.

Do Not Let Money Go to Head:

What can we do at our individual levels to save and grow our healthy relationships as well as mend our unhealthy relationships until society changes its psychological and economic ways?

It’s simple. Let money be in your wallet. Stop it from going to your head. Money gone to the head turns into a self-centered individual ego that turns our mind and our body terribly unhealthy and stops us from expanding the boundaries of our individual selves into organic wholes of healthy relationships.

Money gone to the head will only keep our minds and our bodies seriously unhealthy as well as strengthen the devastating forces of unhealthy relationships we are already surrounded by in our life on our planet.

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