If Army Men Are Not Trained To Be Violent In Nature, How Will They Be Able To Kill?

(Last Updated On: August 9, 2017)


Army – A Social Institution Licensed to Kill:

Army is one of the most weird social institutions that we ever built on earth!

Is it possible for a sensitive man in an army to kill another one in an enemy army and feel nothing bad about it?

Killing a man is not like killing an animal. Had it been so, consuming human flesh could have been a norm like animal flesh is.

But we don’t eat our own species simply because we sense a common link among us and even the thought of doing so invokes a kind of strong revulsion not only in our mind but in our body as well.

If just a thought like that could invoke such a strong reaction against it, won’t a real killing of a real man invoke a similar if not the same reaction in someone with a normal level of sensitivity who has done that for whatever reason one might have done so?

It should! It ought to!!

Sensitivity Vs Insensitivity:

If it doesn’t, it simply shows that the person concerned is not sensitive enough to feel bad about it.

But then, throughout the history of mankind there have been armies invading other armies in order to kill soldiers in wars.

Who are these people who do so and don’t ever feel a tinge about it?

Human mind can certainly be trained to turn insensitive enough not to feel bad about killing other humans.

But is that a desirable act to do?

What implications does it have on the mental health of the person concerned?

Will he ever be able to love another human being with all the soft and tender feelings that the act of love requires in order to be felt in its subtleties?

Certainly not!

His act of love will also be something like an act of winning a war.

An Army Against Another Army:

This is as far as we are thinking from the point of view of an individual soldier who is trained to kill.

Let’s ponder upon it from a totally different angle now.

How can humanity justify raising armies aimed at killing humans in enemy armies?

What turns certain armies enemy to one another?

Soldiers in the two enemy armies don’t even know one another what to talk of being enemy to them at a personal level!

Why Enemy?

It’s simply the whims and idiosyncrasies of their political bosses who tag them as enemy soldiers.

The same ‘enemies’ might have been the best friends had they met one another in different circumstances somewhere else in life.

And who can guarantee they won’t in case they take retirement from their respective armies and settle down in some foreign land to be the next door neighbors turning out to be passionately fond of each other?

Anything is possible! We just investigated a hypothetical situation.

Our So-called Motherlands:

It’s our political bosses who make us fight with one another and kill those who we don’t know why we are killing or else are getting killed by.

They tell us they are doing so to defend their motherland from their enemies simply because they love it. Same is expected from a soldier too as far as his emotional and moral obligations go.

How do we define our motherland?

It may be the village I was born in or the city or district or the state or else the country! Why can’t it be the planet I was born on?

It all depends on how narrow or how wide our field of vision and our extent of sensitivity are.

Why are our sensitivities limited to a political expanse of land and its people? Why not beyond it as well?

A Political Conspiracy:

It’s simply because our political bosses have an unwritten secret conspiracy hatched among them that propagandizes the love for one’s so-called motherland as one of the most sacred of all the forms of love on earth.

This fanatic love for one’s so-called motherland automatically implies hatred for some other lands and their peoples only because they have been tagged as enemy lands by the respective political bosses of these chunks of land and population.

Even if some land and its population have not been tagged as enemy by the political bosses, our sensitivities don’t ever go with them. We turn insensitive to the people residing in those lands.

A Case of Fragmented Sensitivity:

How can sensitivity be fragmented if it is a genuine concern of our awareness of life?

Why would I not be depressed if an earthquake kills a few thousand people in some foreign land as much as I feel if a similar disaster creates a similar havoc in what I call my motherland?

What justification does humanity have to fragment the natural expanse of land on our planet and propagandize those small little chunks as people’s motherlands residing on them, then build armies to defend these so-called motherlands from other armies built by some other people’s so-called motherlands, and then make them fight to kill one another for no reason at all but to please their political bosses in order to serve their vested interests???

Are we warriors or are we insane?

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