Business As The New Power Icon Is The Career Choice For Those Who Want To Rule Their Own Little World

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2017)


Business As The New Power Icon:

Business as one of the most important social institutions has become the new power icon all over the world. Gone are the days when political power used to be supreme and the military power stood next in hierarchy keeping business as the third important factor to influence the high level decisions.

In fact money power had always ruled the world though in a covert manner, but now it has started overtly coming out in the open under the bright sunlight as far as its power to influence the major world decisions is concerned.

At the level of the international diplomacy too, business is playing a much bigger role than it had ever played in the past. Though Russia is a bigger military power but China through surging ahead in business has overtaken its supremacy as far as influencing major international decisions is concerned.

Information Technology Opened The Gates:

It all started with a boom in information technology making IT industry the vanguard of the entire business world the world over.

Apple and Google became the star businesses of the world within a few years of their inception.

One major change that the IT boom brought to the world of commerce as well as to the world as such was the democratization of commercial opportunities which got opened up to those who had neither a background nor any support system to initiate them in the world of commerce.

Venture Capital:

If one has innovative talent with an IT skill and a management capability, one can easily start a promising business and promote it internationally without spending a fortune to do so.

If the seed idea proves itself to be viable as a pilot project, there is no dearth of money to promote its commercial activity globally. There are innumerable venture capitalists ready to fund a proven profitable project with astronomical sums of money.

Even the old-fashioned brick and mortar businesses are in a dire need as well as have a great opportunity to digitalize their operations to advance and promote their reach beyond all geographical barriers.

Democratizing Business:

Business is not only going global but has also come within the reach of the common masses with talent to start anew.

So would you go hunt for a job or start a venture of your own?

It all depends on the kind of personality that one is. If you have a little innovative faculty, a little initiative, a little risk-taking capacity and a little management capability; you would be wasting yourself if you opt to go for a job.

Who wouldn’t want to be one’s own master?


But, and it’s a big BUT, there is the other side of the coin as well.

Business, like politics and the military power, has never had a very clean image as far as the ethics are concerned.

Though starting a business has become more democratized yet when it comes to follow the business ethics as it starts growing and reaching the top echelons of money power, they are easily forgotten.

Business, especially at the higher levels of controlling money power, has its own politics that its perpetrators play in order to keep the newer players out of the top 10, top 100 or top 1000 clubs to join.


Not only this but also the internal power games within the big commercial houses deciding who will control what and how much are not hidden from anyone in this age of media expansion.

All kinds of unethical practices are in vogue in the business world as much, if not more, as they are there in the underworld.

Conspiracies are hatched, heads are rolled and new power equations keep getting established every other day.

On top of it when it comes to ethical practices in business with respect to the promises made to the end customers, rare are the ones that stick to them.

Money Corrupts Even The Best Minds:

As far as I can analyze, it all boils down to money which has the potential to corrupt even the best minds on earth.

The more the money at stake, the bigger and the uglier the corruptions and conspiracies!

The world will never become an innocently creative place to live as long as money rules the world.

Until the human culture kicks the money out of its value system, business as the new power icon is the best career choice for those who want to rule their own little world by becoming their own masters in their lives.

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