Career Choices That You Make For Yourself Have The Capacity To Either Make Or Else Mar Your Life

(Last Updated On: May 8, 2017)

Career Choices

Career Choices:

There are innumerable career choices that you can make for yourself when you decide to take up a certain professional course in the final legs of your education.

How do you take that decision? What are the factors that you keep in consideration while making the best of all the career choices available to you in the society you live in?

Career as such is one of the most important social institutions that shape the course of your life to come. You will have to be with its action every single day at least for the next forty years of your life.

The general trend among the masses is to look for the most lucrative options in vogue during the times of their taking a decision for their entire professional life.

The Bandwagon Effect:

This is clearly an approach of following the bandwagon. But people forget the fact that the bandwagons keep changing with the passage of time and more often so in the present times than in the past!

Till yesteryear it was information technology as a profession that was in the bandwagon and every Tom, Dick and Harry was chasing it to get their share of its lucrative pie.

No more so!

This year the bandwagon has been occupied by data analysis and now everyone has started running after it.

Who knows what replaces data analysis next year as a still more lucrative option!

50 Years Ago:

Around 50 years ago when I was going through the process of scanning career choices in order to pick one for myself, electronics engineering was occupying the bandwagon.

During those days the number of colleges offering the course was very limited unlike today when they have undergone a mushroom growth so that anyone can take admission in the course of their choice, if not in the best college then in the next best to that, and if not even there then the next best to the next best… going down to the last best (or the worst!).

So I was talking about very few selected colleges offering the course that was occupying the bandwagon during those days. And luckily (in fact unluckily!), I got selected for the course in the best college in my country.

Beyond The Bandwagon:

It really confused me as I was never a kind of person who would chase and follow the bandwagon. It was just for fun that I had applied and passed the entrance test securing me a seat in the most coveted course in the most coveted college.

I didn’t feel like joining the course I had been selected for. And I expressed my feelings to the elders around me.

They all started looking at my face with utter surprise and absolute disbelief. According to them I had been able to achieve what others could only dream for, and I was saying I didn’t feel like accepting the offer!

They thought I had gone out of my mind.


They started preaching me that I would be a fool to reject something that anyone else would be ready to spend a fortune to get.

I pleaded my case saying it was not my kind of thing that I would love to go for.

They ridiculed me, and even made fun of me saying that I was still immature to decide what was best for me to pursue as a profession in my life. They said my feelings were impulsive and not matured enough.

I remember I never had a passion for any engineering, leave aside electronics. My dreams up to that point of time in my life had been totally different.

My Dreams:

And the strangest thing was I didn’t have any one single dream to pursue along in my life.

There were many…

  • I had dreamt of becoming a social activist trying to change the quality of life the masses were leading.
  • I had dreamt of becoming a creative writer of fiction, an idea that had always fascinated me whenever I imagined my life living as a professional writer.
  • I had dreamt of becoming a professional traveler treading the Globe for the rest of my life.
  • I had dreamt of becoming a professional music composer which was a talent I was born with.
  • I had dreamt of studying theoretical physics and becoming a professional researcher in the subject.

Now anyone could and would say I was not focused enough as far as my dreams were concerned. I was not mature enough.

I Plead My Case:

This was exactly what the adults around me said when they asked me about the things that turned me on.

But the fact was that each one of them was a great passion of mine that I loved doing even if I didn’t get anything in return.

I said I would like to go for theoretical physics rather than going for electronics engineering.

They said any Tom, Dick or Harry could easily go for that in any college across the country, but what I had achieved was not what everyone else could.

Ultimately they succeeded in persuading me to join the most lucrative professional course of the time in the best college of the country.

After all I was just a 16 year old teenager at that time!


But after 50 years of that on getting retired from my professional life now, when I look at it from hindsight, I think it was the biggest mistake that I had made by selecting the so-called best of all the career choices offered to me.

I could never feel a sense of belongingness to electronics engineering even after getting the best of jobs in the field.

My professional work always bored me to near-death as I had no passion for it at all.

It made me a less happy person all through my life.

Moreover I couldn’t come up with any creative work of excellence in the field of electronics engineering as it could never become my real cup of tea.

Today I feel I should not have listened to the elders around me then and pursued any one of my dreams professionally.

It would have made all the difference in the quality of life I led for the next 50 years to date.

Also, I would have been able to contribute much more and much better in the fields of my passion to the ultimate benefit of humanity.

Wasted Geniuses:

I consider myself to be a wasted genius.

Have you ever realized that every person has a streak of a genius in something that they are passionate about?

Unluckily under the present arrangement of careers in the light of our cultural preferences of values, they are not able to pursue their passions as their professions ever in life.

Every time it happens, another genius gets wasted on the planet.

Career Choices Vs Passions of Personality:

Everyone is born with a kind of personality or has developed one through life experiences that are best suited for certain specific career choices and the same ones have the best chance of becoming their passion in life as well.

You simply need to cut the loud noise shouting about the next big thing at the corner around there and listen to what your passion leads you toward.

You will be a much happier and a much more useful member of the club humanity if only you learn the art of discovering the best career choices for the kind of personality that you are.

Remember the career choices that you make for yourself in the beginning of your professional life have the capacity to either make or else mar your life!

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