God Made The World And We Divided It Into Countries And Nationalities Making It Look So Ugly!

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2017)

Countries And Nationalities

Mass Human Exodus:

Countries and nationalities as social institutions were never a part of the package that we received as we evolved into the thinking species on the planet. What was offered to us was an unnamed vast expanse of land to live on and move around.

Around 50 thousand years ago, vast numbers of populations moved out of Africa to various different parts of the world and settled there before moving further to other places from there.

It was a state of flux all over the planet as far as the settling down of various clans of humanity was concerned. These were the cave-dwellers who lived in communities and were known as hunters-gatherers in the history of human evolution.

Nomadic Communities:

Slowly the dust started settling down and the nomadic communities started making their preferred lands as their semi-permanent homes.

Later this thinking species figured out invariably in all the parts of the planet that it was much easier and much more comfortable to grow crops and rear animals rather than hunt them and gather those in forests.

Settlement deepened its roots in the soil of the land they did their agriculture on.

Hunters-Gatherers to Farmers:

Hunters-gatherers turned into farmers all over the planet. They were able to grow more than their immediate needs and stored what they could not consume immediately.

Thus came into existence the disposable valuables giving birth to the earliest forms of riches which ultimately down the lane gave birth to the concept and the usage of money to trade those riches.

This all made the structure of the new society more complex than it was when humans lived in communities and shared everything they had equally among all.

Money As The Fist Social Institution:

As money came into existence, nothing was shared free and everything started having a price tag attached to it. Money became the biggest source of power, much bigger than the muscle power as money could purchase muscle power as well.

The stronger and the more cunning among the masses took advantage of it and hoarded as much of money as they could by fair means or foul.

Then a very interesting thing happened. The strongest and the most cunning among them all declared himself as the king controlling the lives of people on a certain chunk of land, depending on his capability to control the vastness of the land.

The Birth of The State:

Thus took birth the concept of state in existence as the most powerful of all the social institutions in human life giving birth to various different countries and nationalities.

The state started controlling the movement of people entering the state from outside. The entire land of the planet that was free for all to move in or out of a specific part of it, no more remained free. Borders were created segregating countries and nationalities from one another.

Everyone now needed a kind of identity card identifying the state one belonged to and verifying one’s bona fide status as a citizen of this state or that.

Countries and Nationalities:

Neighboring countries and nationalities were often at war with one another in an effort to expand their boundaries and strengthen their might. In a scenario like that such identity cards assumed even more importance so that there would be no infiltration into the state from a neighboring hostile state with conspiratory intentions.

By creating countries and nationalities, we limited the expanse of land we could move freely on out of the entire globe that we were gifted with in the beginning of our evolution as humans.

If evolution meant limiting the freedom to move around on our own planet without any restrictions, we would have been better staying unevolved.

Power in Hands of The Cunning and The Corrupt:

The power got concentrated in the hands of the cunning and the corrupt who took an extra care to see it never slips off their hands.

All the instruments of the state in the name of serving the masses actually took care that the cunning and the corrupt were able to maintain their control over people’s lives and their money.

Fast Forward to The Present Day:

Let us fast forward to the present day scenario of the state which changed its form in almost all countries and nationalities from the feudal kingdoms to the so-called democratic republics which actually should have been called plutocratic republics.

The dominance of money still persists as far as formation of the governments in all the countries and nationalities is concerned. It was only the form of the state that changed, not its essential character.

The cunning and the corrupt are still in power in every state of the world. Thanks to the power of money that gets them elected and sends them to represent the people under the mask of patriotism. It’s such an obvious fact that even a child is very well aware of.

The Character of The State: 

Governments are not corrupt. Corruption is what they are meant to protect and promote in the name of selfless service to the people of the state.

And they are going on further limiting the unrestricted human movement more and more with the help of stricter visa rules and stringent immigration policies.

World Government:

We have been victims to the conspiracies of the state as the worst of all the social institutions we created to live life in a more meaningful way. Countries and nationalities have reduced our status from being humans to being mere nationals of this state of the world or that.

We must seek for a world government that would end all countries and nationalities, break all boundaries and dissolve all borders on the face of the planet that are making it look very ugly from within as well as from a distance!

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