Our Education System Has Failed Us In Nurturing Talent. Let’s Change Schools With Clubs Of Knowledge!

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Education System

Education System:

Education system is one of the most important social institutions out there in the human life.

I always had my reservations about the education system that we were being subjected to since as early as I was a student in my school more than 50 years ago. The way it works is like a machine churning out manufactured goods on an assembly line producing graduates in various different disciplines of learning.

The onus of educating the new generation is on the shoulders of the immediately older one. That’s how the new generation starts its journey of growing and developing knowledge further from the point the older generation had brought it to.

Education System for Junior Classes:

The knowledge that humanity has gathered and developed up to this point of time is so vast that no single individual can ingest it all in its totality. We can at best have a bird’s eye view of its entire repertoire and call it our general knowledge. That’s what we are taught up to our high school or higher secondary classes.

General knowledge doesn’t make us a master in any of its disciplines. And unless we master a discipline in its entirety, we can neither practice it well nor can we develop it further.

Education System for Senior Classes:

So after our high school or higher secondary education, we need to choose any one out of these endless disciplines and study it as wide and as deep as we can or else wish to.

Ability to wisely choose what we effectively can and wish to study in detail depends not on what we studied in our junior classes but on how we were made to study in them.

And this is where our education system miserably fails. It doesn’t nurture talent well. It rather suppresses it to a detrimental level.

Pitfalls in Our Primary Education:

The moment we are made to start our education, we are subjected to a complicated array of academic regimentation taught mechanically without any real insight into the subject on the part of the teacher teaching academics to the naivest minds just exposed to exploring what their elders have in store for them.

Unfortunately we are denied to explore. We are rather expected to conform by way of practicing the tools of knowledge like written symbols of spoken language and mechanically taught procedures of mathematical operations.

In addition we are expected to learn uninteresting academic descriptions of scientific and social achievements of mankind to the satisfaction of the examining authorities who grade us based on how much of this nonsense we were able to mechanically take in and vomit out in the examination.

Curiosity Gets Killed:

We start hating academics and try to avoid it as much as we safely can. Our curiosity gets killed in this mechanical process of learning. As curiosity gets killed, we cannot discover our talents. They rather get suppressed deep inside us never to show up again.

Every single child who takes birth on earth brings at least one talent that s/he can develop to the level of mastery in case s/he is able to discover it in the very first place. The talent/s we are born with is our aptitude for a specific discipline of knowledge.

Humanity Loses An Opportunity:

If we are not able to discover our talent and therefore don’t pursue it in the later years of our education, but rather pursue another discipline for any other reason, we will never be able to excel in it as much as we would if we had discovered and pursued our inborn talent.

As it happens, humanity loses another great opportunity to benefit from another great talent in a discipline that never got discovered and was lost in the oblivion.

Is it just a random chance that the best talent humanity is benefiting from comes mostly from the echelons of college dropouts?

Clubs of Knowledge:

(From this point on, I will address these naive minds as ‘they’ rather than as ‘we’. Just changing roles! 🙂 )

We need to change the academic regimentation in our schools and replace it with an interesting array of activities by the insightful masters of the connected disciplines who not only demonstrate their discipline in action but also tell stories of the developments achieved by the great masters in the discipline as the history of that particular discipline.

It will tend to turn schools into clubs of knowledge.

Replacing Schools with Clubs of Knowledge:

It’s a well-known fact that the naive minds don’t assimilate abstract knowledge. They have an innate tendency to get attracted to real activities (not the fabricated ones that are being practiced in most of the schools presently) and stories.

These clubs of knowledge can easily attract the attention of these naive minds if and only if they are left free to move around any area and any activity going on in the club. Once these naive minds show any inclination to frequent a specific activity more than the rest, they should be caught hold of and move further from that point onward.

Academics Takes A Secondary But More Effective Role:

Now they have a real natural motivation to learn the abstract tools of knowledge aka academics that they would otherwise despise if they didn’t really know why they were learning them.

They will automatically learn the required these abstract tools later if they have a clear idea that they are learning them to solve a problem that sprang up while they were on to some task in the discipline that they loved doing or being in.

A Win-Win Situation:

The crux of the solution is that if we really want to nurture talent, we should start by discovering it in the very beginning of starting the primary education and designing it around the disciplines of their talents.

They will love their schools clubs of knowledge and humanity will love getting benefited by their contributions in maintaining and developing the disciplines of their talents.

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