Money Is The Ugliest Evil In The Human Life And Politics The Deadliest Villain On The Planet

(Last Updated On: July 22, 2017)

Politics Money Nexus

Politics Money Nexus:

Once upon a time there was a king and was a queen who ever lived happily while the masses sang their praises. Politics and politicians have been the most favorite topics of almost all the stories told to us in our early childhood. And a reference to a king or a politician also included how rich he was through having amassed a huge pile of tax money from the masses.

Politics as one of the most alluring social institutions has always been envisaged as number one business to amass wealth with number two being religion. When politics was feudal, kings themselves were the government and didn’t need paying any taxes. Why would someone pay money to one’s own self?

Politics for Corruption:

As politics turned to be democratic, it changed from a single man rule to a single party rule. Politicians replaced feudal lords as they were made answerable to public exchequer as they too were supposed to deposit their taxes in it.

Still politics remained number one business to amass wealth as it still dealt with the huge piles of money in the public exchequer and it was not very difficult to misappropriate sizeable chunks out of it without ever being caught for doing so.

This gave birth to black money at the very top rung of the money ladder, which later spilled down to various hierarchical levels of monetary control over the public exchequer. Corruption became the norm of the day.

Amusing Yet Insightful Definitions: 🙂

Lately I came across very pragmatic definitions of politics, the erstwhile kings and the modern day politicians in power. They are as amusing as they are insightful:

  • Politics (including so-called democracies) is a dirty anti-democratic game of wresting power in the hands of a few to control people’s behavior, actions and MONEY.
  • Erstwhile kings were the biggest dacoits of the land who no other dacoit was powerful enough to challenge until one did so and won the throne wresting all the power (and money) in his (yes, they all were predominantly males!) hand.
  • Modern day politicians are the biggest goons of the land with facades of being selfless gentlemen on their faces who need to go for a show of strength after every few years confirming the public faith in them as their leaders, for which they need huge chunks of money to be able to successfully do so.

Where Do WE Stand?

Masses, including me, are stupid fools who believe that they need someone to govern them or else there would be chaos all over.

And these stupid fools are right to an extent as they have only seen greed and violence around them all their lives, which was kept under control by the government instruments alone.

The only problem is that they never mulled over the most basic cause of all greed and violence in the human mind.


What Is Money?

Money is NOT the name of the value that the things of utility intrinsically have interwoven in them.

Money is the name of one’s exclusive personal rights to use that value, which no one else has any approach to.

It’s petty, selfish and regressive to use the resources of the planet in such individualistic ways. The planet belongs to all those who have taken birth on earth.

Plutocracy to Real Democracy:

No principle of economics can ever justify the validity of exclusive personal rights of individuals over these resources.

In fact, economics will turn healthier if we replace exclusive personal rights with inclusive public rights.

The economic culture needs to undergo a paradigm shift in its most basic concepts in order to embrace the call of true democracy on earth.

No true democracy can ever exist until and unless money gets democratized too, or else it will keep working as plutocracy under the facade of democracy to keep masses as stupid, as greedy and as violent as we (all) are.

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