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Value SystemWe have inherited a value system from our ancestors: 

Every generation does receive this value system as it gets born and brought up by the elders around them.

They add up a few new to this repertoire of values and discard a few old as life teaches them a few new things.

Then they pass over this modified set to the coming generation as it gets born and brought up by them.

But the central core of the inherited value system essentially remains the same barring some added cosmetic changes and some discarded obsolete ones.

It’s a chain that never breaks:

How was this value system formed as it exists presently in the very first place?

Sometime along the history of mankind, it kept getting shaped the way we see it today.

Rituals played a big role in it. Later religion added weight to them. Production, business and trade added their contributions too.

But unfortunately all along this value system formation, there was one most important thing that seriously got ignored at the peril of rendering life lifeless.

It ignored our natural instinctive pattern.

It was then that humanity committed its first blunder:

It sided with the forces that valued safety more than curiosity, that valued protocols more than spontaneous interaction, that valued hoarding more than sharing, that valued success more than talent, that valued faith more than inquiry, that valued kings more than masses, that valued knowledge more than intelligence, that valued loyalty more than judiciousness, and that valued imposed morals more than natural instincts.

Thus got formed the very central core of human value system that has continued getting transmitted through the centuries of generations despite minute cosmetic changes every now and then.

And we are still carrying the burden of our own foul creations that we had instituted when we were much less intelligent and much more ignorant than we are today!

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