Ambition Is The Most Important Ingredient In The Recipe Of Success But It Turns Life Eccentric

(Last Updated On: May 22, 2017)


Ambition As A Widely Accepted Value:

Ambition stands very close to passion though in quite a distorted way. Both have incredible amounts of energy that provides one with a single-minded focus on one’s action. But the energy of ambition is hot whereas the energy of passion is cool.

Let’s try to understand it in a different way. As a widely accepted value in our cultural value system ambition is a bigger version of desire. You desire for something that you don’t have at your disposal right now. So you need to struggle in present in order to achieve it in future. You hope to enjoy once you have achieved it. But you are not enjoying it right now. Right now what you are doing is struggling to achieve it even if by taking all kinds of stress on your mind and on your body.

Struggling is never cool. It’s hot. It creates friction in your mind and in your body showing up as the symptoms of stress.

Passion – An Instinctive Drive:

On the other hand, passion is not desire. It’s the energy of interaction with something that gives you joy. And that joy is right now here when you are interacting with it with all your passion. You are enjoying NOW.

Enjoying is never hot. It’s cool. It makes your mind as well as your body relaxed. There are no signs of stress in either of them. You are at peace with yourself.

Now the questions that arise are:

  • Can passion lead you to your success?
  • Can ambition and passion stay together with each other?

Let’s take the first question first.

Can passion lead you to your success?

Passion doesn’t bother about success. Why? Simply because it’s already enjoying! It doesn’t need another goal to achieve in order to enjoy it in future.

Passion doesn’t stand in the queue to achieve success waiting to enjoy it when its turn comes. It knows how to enjoy with what it’s doing right now.

Passion doesn’t bother about success, but success does bother about passion. It knows passion has unending energy that will never get tired simply because it’s cool.

Energy of Ambition:

Energy of ambition is very much prone to get tired, especially when success has many obstructions in its way. The more the obstruction, the hotter goes the energy of ambition generating more stress and fatigue in the mind and the body.

Success does bother for ambition too but only till its energy hasn’t gone worn out by stress and fatigue.

Energy of Passion:

So the equation is very simple. Energy of passion can take one to the highest echelons of success although it never bothers to make them its goal.

Energy of ambition can also take you to very high levels of success but leaves you squeezed out of all your passion in the process. You are left unable to enjoy with whatever you have achieved by way of your ambition.

Now let’s come to the second question.

Can ambition and passion stay together?

Yes, ambition and passion certainly can stay together up to a certain point but not for the same entity. If the entity is the goal to achieve success, only ambition can handle it since passion doesn’t give a fig to it.

Up to a certain point you can have ambition for your goal to succeed separately from passion for what you enjoy doing the most, for example playing football, writing poetry, or managing the social problems of your city.

The two will stay together until and unless your overindulgence in your ambition leaves you squeezed out of all your passion in the process.

Beware of Turning Eccentric:

You may achieve success with your ambition but your overindulgence into it is certain to leave you eccentric. You are no more left with any passion to enjoy what you already have along with what you achieve with your success.

Success that your passion may bring is always an unplanned success which your passion never really bothered about. So if and when you achieve it, you are as fresh and sane as you were when you didn’t have it but were still enjoying what you were doing.

Such spontaneous success is certainly much cooler than the one that you achieve after so much of struggle that turns you eccentric in the process.

Success through passion is a by-product of enjoyment that your passion supplies you with along with excellence in your passionate action that brings success along spontaneously in an unplanned way.

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