Beware Of Donating To A Charity For The Needy… You Might Be Helping Yourself Alone!

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2017)


Charity as A Highly Revered Value:

Charity is one of the most revered values in the established value system of our culture worldwide. One who does a charity gets a tag of being a real compassionate person around.

But the human culture never felt a need to ponder upon why after all it envisaged and structured a social system that would ever need charities for the less fortunate ones in its fabric.

Incompetency of The Social System:

One can argue that no system is ever made perfect like our social system is and there are always left some holes and anomalies, which can only be filled by voluntary compassionate actions like charity and other similar individual or social welfare programs.

But the problem here is that the holes are a bit too many of them and the anomalies are the main thread of the fabric rather than an unattended encroachment in the system!

The Conspiracy Theory:

It looks like the present social system was designed as a conspiracy that there would always be a majority of the less fortunate ones whose desperate actions would ascertain the existence and enrichment of an elite club in it. Without any inputs from the said less fortunate sections of the society, the coveted elite club would starve to death which it was always very aware of.

The conspiracy was never made overt but kept working covertly behind the facade of many idealistic theories including social justice, equality for all, democracy of the people by the people for the people, equal economic opportunities for all, religious beliefs like sanctioning a king the right to rule as the representative of God, the spiritual theory of karma, and the new age fad of the law of attraction.

The conspiracy was not designed to favor any set of certain specific individuals; it was only concerned about the existence of a segregated elite club in the human society that would thrive on the skills and the labor of those who were not a part of it. The membership of the club might keep changing, replacing the old stalwarts with the new exponents better suited to segregate and strengthen the club.

The club shall never die. Long live the club!

Charity as A Facade:

The facade that it wore on its real face found charity as one of the most efficient tools to make people believe that the club had a human face that cared for them, sympathized with them, wished to uplift their status and was truly democratic and egalitarian in its approach.

The biggest charities in the world are done by the biggest corporate giants who need millions and millions of the workforce to keep working for them to keep their membership in the club intact.

The Making of A Value:

When the concept of an action moves down from the top echelons of society, it becomes a value to be revered by the masses who always take pride in imitating what the elites do in their day to day lives. It invariably gets termed as good karma. It somehow boosts their ego too!

Charity in its essence is a tool to spread the goodwill among the masses in the hands of its elite perpetrators and to earn good karma in God’s books in the hands of the masses.

Charities Are Futile:

It doesn’t really help the less fortunate ones to upgrade their status as it certainly slows down their spirit of enterprise in order to come out of their misfortune ever.

Had it really helped the less fortunate ones through the history of the mankind, the beggars wouldn’t have stayed as beggars always, all through their lives.

Donors’ Doubtful Intentions:

Who would the kings and the lords (and the modern corporate giants) shower their favors by way of charity on if there were no takers around?

So they need to take care that there always are people around who would be looking forward to what they have to throw in front of them.

Their intentions are doubtful though they never become overt, and are very cunningly kept covert always.

What is not earned through enterprise gets wasted without establishing any new enterprise out of it. Ill got, ill spent!

The Only Way Out:

The only way out to really help the less fortunate ones is to bring a paradigm change in the social system by dismantling the elite club on the face of the planet as such.

We need to frame structures in the new system that take care of the needs of the less fortunate including the crippled and the old as their human right and not some philanthropist’s favor done to them as charity.

So next time when you go for donating to a charity; be clear that you are doing good to yourself alone by earning a goodwill among the masses in case you are a member of the elite club or by earning good karma in case you are one among the masses.

I don’t say don’t help others. Just make it a point not to do it in the name of charity!

Rest all is fine. 🙂

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