Dress For Success Has A Very High Price Tag Attached To It That The Entire Humanity Has To Pay For!

(Last Updated On: May 1, 2017)

Dress for Success

Dress for Success:

When you dress for success, you start wearing what is supposed to help in being successful in life in terms of professional career.

Well, when you wear a certain kind of dress on your body, you automatically start dressing up your mind with the matching aspirations, ambitions and the lifestyle to achieve what the dress has been designed for.

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Everyone does!

The only caveat you need to be aware of is what you pay for it and how much you pay.

The Concept of Success:

Success as a concept has a great value attached to it in our sociocultural value system.

Since early childhood, we are bombarded with its demands trying to make us believe that if we want to be worthwhile, we need to be successful in one thing and another, then another, and then a few more.

The list never ends.

The most interesting thing is that many of these success ventures are not inclusive for all; they are rather exclusive in the sense that only one out of all participating in them will be able to achieve success, the rest will sit disappointed in dejection.

In fact, exclusive ventures outnumber the inclusive ones by a large margin.

Exclusive Success:

Exclusive ventures make your success more glamorous as well, so almost everyone is attracted toward them in order to WIN.

Aspiring to be successful turns into a win or lose game. You win only by defeating another or else many others who fail in order for you to be successful. That’s the nature of the beast of success; it’s built on someone else’s failure.

We talk of winners and losers as if the life we are living is a war and in order to be successful we need to win by defeating others. No one fancies losers even if they have more virtue in them and just lost it by chance.

Aren’t we insulting the ones who lost by branding them as losers?

We are not bothered about virtues; we are just bothered about the result however it might have been achieved.

Nothing succeeds like success!

All our sports are also designed on the similar patterns of war.

Looks like we are not living a life, we are just fighting a war in everything we do.

Inclusive Success:

Even when the ventures are inclusive, they don’t let you sit contended with your success in the amount you have achieved it. There is a constant pressure of achieving a bit more of it. It always has a quantitative yardstick attached to it in order to measure your worth on earth.

It all ends up in becoming a rat race which starts the moment we are born and keeps pushing us all through our life in order to keep us running to reach the top rung of the ladder of success.

We need to dress for success and keep it on even if it is awfully tight to wear on our body and on our mind.

It never lets us sit relaxed and observe the world around us wondering how beautiful it all is and curiously looking at the way it works. It rather has turned relaxation into an elusive as well as an illusory project in the name of the fashionable meditation sessions. Believe me these meditation sessions do no good to you unless your entire life is a meditative process every single moment of it.

Success Vs Virtue:

That’s why we rarely become great artists and great scientists; and even when we do, our ventures are corrupted by the sociocultural pressures impinging on our psyche to ascertain being successful even in these disciplines rather than risk being great in them.

Mind that being successful and being great do not necessarily coexist. They may, the may not.

But worse than this, what generally happens is we dress for success and try to fit ourselves as a cog in some wheel which always keeps rotating and makes us keep rotating along all the time throughout our life. The faster the speed, the bigger the success!

Humanity Pays A Heavy Price for Dress for Success:

It not only takes its toll on our physical and mental health but also on our sense of belongingness, our happiness, our creativity, our intelligence, our aesthetic sensitivity, our relationships and our ultimate potential as a human.

We are wasting our geniuses simply by making them dress for success and run as fast as they can to achieve it as much as they can!

We are not only doing a harm to humanity, we are making our individual lives hell as well.

Success As An Obsession:

Here, we need to ask the most important question to ourselves as members of the club humanity.

Why is humanity so much obsessed with achieving success beyond all limits?

By doing so, it works against its own instinctive drives turning its members into robot-like machines creating moral slaves for propagating its inhuman ambition of becoming the masters of the universe.

We need to master our individual lives healthily, happily, aesthetically, creatively, intelligently and empathetically before trying to become the masters of the universe as a species.

Money Vs Success:

Money has been a wicked tool in the hands of our socioeconomic culture to tame its individual members by instigating them to accumulate as much of it as they can.

The definition of success has been reduced to the value of currency notes that one has under one’s financial control.

In other words money has become the ugly synonym of success in life.

It doesn’t matter what means you adopt to earn it, by hook or by crook; but if you have been able to do it anyway, you are the one of the most successful men on earth.

And if you failed in doing so, however hard you might have worked, you simply are a worthless creature.

They say nothing succeeds like success.

A Corrupt Culture:

Aren’t we insulting our fellow humans by branding them as a success or a failure based on the figures that their bank accounts reflect?

We are perpetuating a corrupt culture if we ever do so.

But unfortunately we have already done that!

We are simply not bothered about our physical and mental health, our sense of belongingness, our happiness, our creativity, our intelligence, our aesthetic sensitivity, our relationships and our ultimate potential as a human.

Dress for Success with Caution:

Humanity has already paid a heavy price with all these for one elusive material concept which we very proudly call success.

So dress for success my fellow humans but don’t forget that you are originally designed to dress for life!

And don’t forget to tell humanity to keep paying through the nose for what we lose by winning success till it can, since it won’t be able to keep paying for our follies for long.

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