Glamour Hits Us Hard Making Us Believe Achievers Are All Virtuous And The Rest All Are Dud

(Last Updated On: July 17, 2017)

Glamour Hits Us Hard


Glamour hits us hard and we don’t even realize it has hit us at all.

It’s because it hits us from within, not from somewhere out.

True, the subject of glamour stays outside but the object – that we are – does all the action of getting hit by it.

What makes us do that?

Our value system!

Glamour of Money:

We value money, so anyone who is rich becomes a subject of glamour for our psyche. Everyone else gets looked down upon.

Glamour of Power:

We value power, so anyone who holds a position of power becomes a man of virtues in our eyes. As is said, history is written by those who win the wars. And history as we study it plays a big role in turning us glamour-struck. Most of our childhood stories narrated by our elders start with the sentence ‘Once upon a time there was a king…’. Normal people don’t become the subject of our fantasies simply because we have long been conditioned like that since our early childhood. We start feeling that only a king’s life is a life worth living, rest all is just dragging inch by inch toward death with no excitement on the way.

Kings are no more there on our planet but our stories still revolve round the men and women of might who hold the power to influence a common man’s life. We never challenge them on their stands they take in their public as well as in their personal lives.

Might Is Right:


Simply because might is right!

Even God is portrayed as being omnipotent, so you just cannot challenge Him for what ALL He has done (if He really has!).

Rule-books are written by the might and not by the right.

And then there are people who always seem to know how to be on the right side of the power. They get a small piece of the power-pie just by (for) being on the right side of it, just like jackals getting their second-grade share of the lion-hunt.

Thus we live in a world where survival of the fittest is the rule, leaving no room for those who lack power but to procreate more and more like them who end up looking up to the ones who have it.

We even worship God simply because we portray Him as being the most powerful of all. His will becomes the rule.

Glamour of Fame:

Next, we value fame. Acknowledgement, recognition, acceptance, exposure, popularity, felicitation are all the names of the game of fame that we value so much.

I know a friend of mine who spent a sizeable fortune to bribe men in power to allot him a coveted award with felicitation in the literary world he was in.

We look up to the awardees as being the most virtuous people in their fields. We have a tendency to judge people by the number and the size of awards they have up their sleeves, totally ignoring whatever ways they might have bagged those felicitations.

We also look up to the most popular ones as the most virtuous ones whether they know even the basics of what they are doing or not.

The Bandwagon Effect:

There are many examples in the field of performing arts, a field which is the easiest platform to achieve fame, where the most popular ones are widely considered to be the most virtuous ones.

And the same performers were looked down upon till the time they, by hook or by crook, had not been able to draw a sectional public applause in their favor. The quality of their performance didn’t change, what changed was the perception of people of what they were doing only because they had started getting applause from a section of people.

It spreads like wildfire. If a hundred people are talking favorably about someone, another two hundred tend to get induced by their chant and start resonating with their voice.

Glamour of Morality:

Next in order, we value morals, morality and the moralists. We just forget that everything that glitters is not gold. And when it specifically comes to morals, they only glitter without any real content in them.

Morals that we put at such a high esteem are simply facades that moralists wear on their faces to hide their petty selves behind them. Like people who know how to be on the right side of power, moralists know how to appear being on the right side of ethics.

The best tools they use to be able to do so are religion and God since we glamourize both beyond any proportions in life.

We forget that we all are naked under our clothes. And we value clothes more than the real body we have.

The costlier are the clothes, the uglier are the bodies. The naked bodies are generally the most beautiful ones to look at.

Glamour of Fashion:

Let’s come from allegorical clothes and allegorical bodies to the real ones now.

We value brands to wear on our bodies notwithstanding the fact that quality has no necessary connection with the popularity of the brand. But when it comes to choosing between the brand value and the real quality, we mostly go with the brand.

It simply shows how conditioned our minds are as if hypnotized by the propaganda of the glamour world all around us.

Glamour of Success:

Glamour plays its ugliest role when it assesses someone by the level of success one has been able to achieve in one’s professional life.

Professionally we live in a world of cut-throat competition and the ones who are more successful than another are those who have cut more throats than those who have not been as much so.

It’s not the virtues that make one successful in our present unethical professional world. It’s rather aggressiveness, insensitivity and back-stabbing that takes one to the top rungs of success in the corporate culture the world over.

But from a distance, everything that glitters looks gold to the viewers. Once one is inside the system, one discovers the untold stories of what one did to reach where one is today.

And poor we, glamour hits us hard making us believe achievers are all virtuous and the rest all are dud!

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