Human Emotions Are Distorted Replacements Of Instinctive Drives Creating Sharp Edges In Personality

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2017)

Human Emotions

Human Mind:

We as humans are born with instinctive drives alone in our mind body system and not with any sort of human emotions or moral values in our mind.

Later, in our journey from childhood to adulthood, we learn the history of human development in each and every subject and store it in the knowledge base of our mind and then move further to add our individual contribution to enhance it from that point onward.

This is what the ideal development of human mind is supposed to be like, a set of instinctive drives along with a knowledge base of human achievements in various different subjects.

But that’s not all what our mind is subjected to in practice during all the formative years of our development from a child to an adult.

Value System:

Our culture with a strict value system is very fond of nailing down quite a few moral values in our mind:

Sex As A Necessary Evil

We are taught about sex being a necessary evil even when we do not have it as a fully developed instinctive drive in our mind body system. Our minds get conditioned against it even before our body grows to incorporate it into our system, and when it does our conditioning starts making us feel guilty about it.


We are taught about truth being a desirable parameter of integrity even when we don’t know what a lie is. Hence the very inception of truth as a desirable moral value sows the seeds of learning how to tell a lie.


Same is the story of honesty. We are taught about honesty being a desirable parameter of integrity even when we don’t know what dishonesty is. Hence the very inception of honesty as a desirable moral value sows the seeds of learning how to be dishonest.

Sense of Duty

Sense of duty is a set of actions we ought to do whether we feel like doing them or not. Why do we need the ones being taught in case we already feel like doing those? And why do we need the ones being taught in case our mind that represents the human mind does not feel like doing those?

Our culture seems to have decided their validity even if against the natural composition of the human mind. What good will those dutiful actions do if they don’t have the energy of our willfulness behind them? They will simply get reduced to a level of being artificially performed as forced rituals only to keep away the guilt of not having done them at all.


We are taught to respect our elders and seniors. We are not taught to respect our juniors. Why is there this one way communication of something that our culture thinks is something very important as a value? It sounds to be a very feudal value in its very inception by the human culture.

The human mind is not designed to respect, it’s designed to interact, it’s designed to share and it’s designed to love. Respect is a very formal concept that requires a distance between the two, of who one stands at a higher level than the other.

The more you respect like you do your fathers in the third world countries, the less you love as it necessitates a gap between the two.

And the more you love like you do your mothers in the third world countries, the less you need to respect them as it removes all gap between the two.


Obedience as a value is a sub-set of respect. As a junior you are not supposed to question or raise doubts against the orders of your seniors. This again is a very feudal value.

The human mind is not naturally designed in a feudal way, and if you force it to do so, you are simply suppressing the instinctive drives that we are naturally born with.

Good Manners

Good manners are all protocols in their essence. You are supposed to behave a certain way in a certain scenario whether you feel like behaving that way or not. The more you follow these dictates, the less you remain authentic.

If you must say ‘very pleased to see you’ on meeting someone even if you are not pleased, aren’t you telling a lie which violates another moral value named truthfulness?


If you have faith, you don’t question. But our minds are wired to question. And faith as a moral value tries its best to suppress the curiosity that we are born with as one of our instinctive drives.


Loyalty is a highly respected moral value which supposes you to be committed to a certain person, institution or an idea so much so that you blindly offer an unconditional support for the same in whatever they do even if it’s the worst thing on earth.

Our minds are not so indiscriminate in their natural structure. Loyalty simply stands against our judicious sense of discrimination from one action to another.


Piety is something related to two different concepts altogether, the first being a strong faith in the supernatural and the other being aversion to sex.

The two shouldn’t have been related as two constituents of something as highly revered as piety but that’s what it is. It’s really funny!


Again, worship is a composite moral value comprising all three – faith, loyalty and piety – raised to a level of closing the mind to every other stimulus from outside.

Now, if we go into further details of each one of these, we can easily show that they all stand against instinctive drives either overtly or else in a covert way.

When nailed very hard and deep into the structure of mind, these moral values play their role very well to suppress the energy of almost all our instinctive drives and keep it permanently so.

Instinctive Drives:

  • Self Preservation including Hunger and Thirst
  • Movement
  • Curiosity
  • Interaction
  • Creativity
  • Play
  • Sharing
  • Sensitivity of Pain and Pleasure
  • Love
  • Sex

But, like water, energy can never be kept suppressed for long. And like water finds new channels for its flow, energy also invents new channels for its expression.

Human Emotions:

The channels that the energy of these suppressed instinctive drives invents for its expression are named human emotions, of which the main ones are:

  • Human Emotions of Desire
  • Human Emotions of Greed
  • Human Emotions of Hope
  • Human Emotions of Happiness
  • Human Emotions of Surprise
  • Human Emotions of Anger
  • Human Emotions of Envy
  • Human Emotions of Jealousy
  • Human Emotions of Disappointment
  • Human Emotions of Guilt
  • Human Emotions of Sadness
  • Human Emotions of Fear
  • Human Emotions of Anxiety
  • Human Emotions of Depression

These human emotions channelized to express the energy of the blocked instinctive drives are never as innocent and as straightforward as the instinctive drives themselves are. They are rather the distorted ways of expressing the suppressed energy in bursts rather than in a smooth flow that would have been there if it were never suppressed.

Will Vs Will Power:

Human emotions generate a new faculty of will in the structure of our mind that tends to compensate for the loss of sensitivity, joy and creativity suffered by instinctive drives with new distorted derivatives named desire aka goal-setting, greed aka ambition, hope aka confidence, happiness aka win and surprise aka challenge as far as the so-called positive emotions are concerned.

Moral faculty is very much able to see through the real purpose behind the generation of this new faculty of will and in its attempt to keep it suppressed as it was, comes up with another new faculty named will power.

Will power is the power acting against the execution of will.

The sole purpose of will power armored with the appeal of being morally judicious is to work against the execution of will by projecting it as irresponsible even if it cannot brand it as immoral.

Will is not a very healthy faculty in our mind but will power is even more so!

Will comprising all human emotions including the positive ones along with the negative, creates sharp edges in our personality simply because it expresses energy in hot aggressive bursts and not in a cool smooth flow like unadulterated instinctive drives do.

And as far as will power is concerned, its sole purpose is to block the flow of life energy whether of instinctive drives or of the human emotions.

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