Infidelity Is Inherently Interwoven Into The Human Biology As Much As It Is In Its Psychology

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)


Infidelity AKA Adultery:

Infidelity in the sense of meaning adultery is considered to be one of the worst sins a person can commit. Our value system looks down upon an infidel as a shameless immoral creature.

Infidelity or adultery is defined as an act of voluntary sex outside one’s marriage with someone other than one’s lawful spouse.

Why do people go infidel?

Before we answer this question, we need to ask another one that’s just the opposite of this.

Why do people commit to stay faithful to one single person?

We will answer the second question first.

They do so because society expects them to do so.

Value System:

It’s the part of our value system that society puts a very high premium on! Marriage as a social institution simply means committing to stay faithful to one single person throughout one’s life.

A very pertinent question that arises here is why on earth we need to commit so if it is something like a natural instinct that we are born with! We never need to commit we will never commit suicide. Then why do we need to commit we will never commit adultery?

It’s very simple. Committing suicide is something that goes against our natural instincts. But committing adultery does NOT go against our natural instincts. Rather we are designed to have intimate relationships with more than one person.

Sex Goes To Head:

Had it not been so, why would sex be ruling our entertainment industry as its most successful spice?

I have yet to see a man or a woman who never got attracted to someone outside his/her marriage. Now this is totally a different issue if he or she went on the path of fulfilling his or her attraction or not.

If infidelity or adultery is there in the mind, it doesn’t make much difference if it gets translated to action or not.

The main issue is that as a biological / psychological entity we as Homo sapiens are designed to have sex with more than one partners of our choice which keeps changing with the passage of time.

And if society turns our natural instinct into a forbidden fruit, we will keep thinking about it even in our dreams.

That’s what we do. We transfer sex from our bodies to our minds and then keep writing books, making movies, creating prostitution as a business, enjoying raping and dreaming about having more and more and still more of sex.

Sex has gone to our head. It no more dwells in our body which is why we have gone so incompetent in bed!

Fighting A Lost War:

Suppression of natural instincts amounts to turning the natural flow of a river into an over-filled dam with its walls not strong enough to hold the pressure of water inside them. And when this pressure breaks those walls, it creates havoc.

That’s what we are facing in today’s world. So much of porn on the Internet, so much of prostitution in the world and so much of rape episodes every single day!

In the name of morality and chastity, our society is fighting a lost war in its futile effort to suppress our natural instincts.

Society Fears:

Society fears its male members will no more be able to identify their biological offshoots if our human instincts are given a free hand to fulfill them in the most natural manner. It will bring an economic upheaval as inheritance of money from the father to the sons and daughters will go chaotic. Our entire economic system will get demolished overnight. In fact it was this concern alone that had given birth to the institution of marriage in the very first place along with preaching infidelity or adultery was the basic sin we shouldn’t even think of committing in our heads.

Do we still need to answer our first question asking why people go infidel?

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