Obedience As A Value Is Always Held High In Our Culture; But Beware, It Will Turn Your Child Dumb!

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2017)



As far as our value system is concerned, we are still carrying the garbage of our old feudal system holding values like obedience high in our mindset.

It also shows that our social system has not yet embraced the democratic values in the majority of its social institutions as well as in the major chunk of our psychological preferences.

In fact we look at democracy just as a preferred political system but fail to embrace it as a way of life in our daily interactions with others as well as with our own self within our minds.

Democracy is the most liberal system of living life in every single sphere of its activities and interactions that stands strong on the pillars of equality, freedom, sensitivity and collaboration.


How many social institutions are there in the sphere of human endeavor where we see people following all these four guiding principles of living a democratic life?

Unluckily we do not even see them in our political systems that very proudly declare they have gone democratic in their structure. Yes, they may have gone democratic in their structures but none of them has yet gone so in its function. Functionally it is money that rules, not the people. Money has all the ways and means to influence the popular opinion.

In the name of democratic politics, we are actually being ruled by plutocratic politics.

How can we expect our other social institutions and interactions going democratic then?

Parenting and Schooling:

The most basic victim to this state of affairs is our value system that guides our parenting methodology of bringing up our children in order to develop them as the adults who will take the charge of running the world as we turn old and die.

Obedience makes the most basic crux of our parenting and schooling methodologies almost all over the world in the most covert ways in the developed cultures and in the most overt ways in the underdeveloped ones.

Obedience means adherence to authority without questioning it (which by the way is also the hallmark of all armies on earth!) and if one does it one is branded as disobedient.

Discipline is also very closely related to obedience, which turns to be named as self-discipline when imposed on oneself by one’s own self.

A Cog in A Wheel:

What do we want to make our children like?

A cog in the wheel!?

The wheel has long been rotating and it has miserably failed in making the world a place conducive to live a comfortable life for all. All cogs in this wheel give it the power to go on rotating the way it has been doing since the times immemorial.

We all are cogs in this wheel, but ask yourself if you are happy with the quality of life you have been given to lead!

We were all brought up by our parents at home and our teachers in school to be the most efficient cogs by disciplining us through enforcing obedience in our traits and behavior.

Killing Curiosity:

The immediate result of this enforcement was that we stopped questioning. Everyone knows that teachers in general don’t like the students who ask a lot of questions to them. Even children’s most curious questions are ignored branding them as unnecessary or ‘being asked too early in life’ or else simply as philosophical and not practical.

It’s very amusing when the two words philosophical and practical are used almost as antonyms to each other. In fact practical here means a question that leads you toward being a (whether efficient or not!) cog in the wheel whereas philosophical means a thought having the power of diverting you from that path.

Our life is made to run on rails and that’s what we do as parents to our children too.

The creative beauty of the human life lies in inventing new wheels if the old ones are taking us to the unethical and painful destinations.

It needs curiosity to invent something new that is worthwhile enough. But our parenting and teaching system very efficiently do their job to suppress our curiosity as early in life as they can.

Re-invent The Wheel:

How can one re-invent the wheel without getting the support from the four pillars of equality, freedom, sensitivity and collaboration which make the most basic crux of democracy in every sphere of life?

Parents at home and teachers in school assume the positions of authority passing commandments that the children are obliged to listen to and follow the same without raising any doubt about their justifiability.

How are parents and teachers invariably so sure that what they say is always right and what children may propose is always wrong in case it contradicts their commands?

Rather the opposite has more chances to be correct since the parents and the teachers are speaking out of their conditioned mindset whereas children may come up with something more worthwhile by virtue of their being unconditioned in their mindset yet.

Obedience Corrupts:

Obedience corrupts the unconditioned curious mindsets of our children turning them dumb as fast as effectively it is able to get regimented.

Can we do away with obedience for once and forever?

Can we give up the position of authority as parents and teachers in our families and schools by giving freedom to children with an equal right to question the ways to act and behave in the two places?

Can we guarantee them that their questions will not be ignored on the pretext of being unnecessary or ‘being asked too early in life’ or else simply as philosophical and not practical?

If yes, we can hope our next generations may come up with new models to live a more ethical and a more meaningful life along with new wheels to rotate running the world affairs in a more justified and more efficient way.

If no, let us dig our graves and sit inside them right now!

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