Positive Thinking Vs Negative Thinking: Why Do We Need Either Of The Two? Think!

(Last Updated On: April 12, 2017)

Positive Thinking Vs Negative Thinking

Positive Thinking Vs Negative Thinking:

Positive thinking has made deep inroads into our value system. It is taken to be almost an absolute truth as far as its value is concerned. Positive thinkers are preferred in every walk of life, be it relationship or be it business. Negative thinkers are looked down upon as harboring a pathetic condition in their mindset.

Let us investigate a little deeper into it.

What is positive thinking?

Positive thinking refers to thinking positive come what may.

Here positive simply means our desired array of results.

Even if the circumstances are challenging, it is encouraged that we think we will overcome them.

It instills a sense of confidence in our mind.

It summons up energy into our mind body system.

But there are a few questions that arise here:

1. What is the cost that we pay for it?

2. What if the results don’t come out to be positive?

Let us take the second question first, with an example to explain.

Suppose I am to face an interview for a job which is once in a lifetime opportunity and for which there is only one vacancy available.

There are two people who have applied for it. We are taking the simplest situation here.

I will have to compete with the other applicant in the interview in order to get selected for the job.

I will think positive and hope that I will be selected.

But the other person will also think positive (why not?) and hope that s/he will get selected.

Both of us are great positive thinkers and hence both are full of confidence in their mind as well as full of energy in their mind body system.

Who will get the job?

Either of the two, not both!

And since the job was once in a lifetime opportunity, the other shall go through a phase of disappointment.

S/he got caught into the clutches of negative mindset, even if temporarily so (giving her/him all the benefit of doubt!).

Okay, s/he immediately comes out of it and starts thinking positive for her/his next interview again.

Again there are chances that s/he may get rejected, going through another phase of disappointment.

Every time disappointment hits you, it pushes you toward being a negative thinker.

How long will s/he keep her/his composure and keep coming out of it?

Everyone has one’s own threshold of absorbing negative shocks.

So, statistically speaking, a certain percentage is bound to turn negative in their mindset.

And this percentage is not going to be a negligible one, given that the negative outcomes are way more in our society than the positive ones we go through.

Let us come to the first question now!

All those who have slipped into the clutches of negativity, will be subjected to special self-motivational sessions motivating them to turn positive thinkers again.

Negative thinking sucks and keeps mind under perennial stress all though one’s life. It also keeps one’s energy in the mind body system at a dismally low level.

But (and it is a big BUT) this is also a fact that only they need thinking positive who have the seeds of negativity already sown in their unconscious (or semiconscious) psyche, even if lying dormant under its layers.

Negative thinking makes one feel low. Positive thinking makes one feel high.

But then there are many other things that may make one feel high, alcohol being the most common out of them all.

Positive thinking is simply a maneuver to keep negative thinking hidden in the deep trenches of mind, stopping it from appearing on the surface of consciousness.

But it constantly needs to keep applying energy in order to keep negative thinking buried deep within.

Keeping applying energy is a stress in itself.

Who applies this energy?

Positive thinking does!

By this token, positive thinking is bound to be a greater stress that negative thinking alone.

Stress does take its toll!

It makes one spend a lot of unnecessary energy in order to keep being a positive thinker, which ultimately brings one’s efficiency level down.

Positive thinkers get tired pretty soon!

That’s why the greatest number of heart attacks inflicts Type ‘A’ personalities whose so-called positive thinking always keeps them ambitious, aggressive and result-oriented.

Their hearts have gotten tired and raised their hands.

No more stress can they withhold!

This is the cost that we pay for being a positive thinker. They make very good scape-goats for the corporate business to flourish and fly high on the wings of their energy squeezed to the last bit of it.

Now, there is a third question that arises:

Why do we need being either of the two, whether a positive thinker or a negative one?

Why can’t we think naturally in the realistic sense of the term, taking things up as they come rather than opting for positive thinking or else getting caught up into the clutches of negative thinking at all?

Let us just think, neither positive nor negative.

Think realistic, not positive!

If we do so, we will start thinking creative rather than positive.

We need to bring positive thinking down from its high pedestal that we have raised it to in our value system all over the Globe.

We will save a lot of our energies and be way more efficient in whatever we do!

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